Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cruise part 2

I think that the WOW factor was all that was available to do on a boat. I know it sounds strange but there was almost something spiritual about being able to play golf on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Many times I would stop and look at my surroundings and realize that this opportunity was a gift from God. I was enjoying my family time while in the midst of part of His creation that was breath taking. For that, I am very grateful.
After baking in the sun for a bit we decided to show our competitive side with some miniature golf.
Michael is very competitive on the golf course.
I made it through the hole the first try. Ask the others if they did...heehee.
Check out the view from the front of the boat...amazing, nothing but water and sky.
I don't have a clue why Andrew would need to know the direction of the wind, look at my hair. There is nothing but wind. I guess it is just the fact that it looked good and like a pro. Who knows?
No more volleyball court or basketball playing, hello sunbathing.
This is what blew my mind. This is at 9:00 am. My family thought I was bad about laying out. Come to find out, some stayed there throughout the night. To be honest I never thought about it. That would be cool to sleep out on the open waters one night. Might consider that next time.
Yes, this is why I gained 14lbs on the this trip.
Michael and I trying to figure out which excursions to do with the kids. Prices ranged from $39.00 to $305.00 per person. Tomorrow I will show you our adventure,
which was one of the cheapest by the way.
Andrew, Micah, and myself stopped for Michael to take a picture of us on one of the many stair cases. I can honestly say that I never got the hang of where I was at...always lost.
Now, that's a scary thought...Michael and Andrew captains. Andrew plays the part great.
Check out the swan that our cleaning guy made for us. Micah kinda squished it a bit, but you get the picture.
Tomorrow hopefully I will have pictures of our Cozumel experience.
Have a blessed day.

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