Monday, May 25, 2009

Scrapbook pages and cards

Finally some peace and quite in the house so I got busy. I have never cut so many pieces of paper in my life!!! Joann and I are getting ready for a Christmas in July workshop, July 25th. We have placed deadlines on ourselves and I am trying to get done what I can now instead of waiting to the last minute. More information on the Christmas in July is to come so please keep an eye out for it.

I am participating in a SWAP of cards in a couple of weeks. I am to use my favorite stamp set and make multiple cards using that set. I have already shown you a picture of the card in a previous blog but here are all eight of them finished. They are used as dinner invitations using the Voila stamp set and with the important information typed inside.
Lovely as a Tree is my favorite stamp set but I didn't get it until I had already started these. Voila stamp set is my second fav.
I also had time to work on my workshop coming up on July 28th. We are using the "Hoppy Memories" Simply Scrappin' Kit to make eight or more scrapbook pages. I have already shown you some in previous blogs with our pictures, here are some with no pictures.

Hoppy Memories is a great kit for outdoor pictures. I have had lots of fun with this kit and am looking forward to the workshop.

Very busy week!!!

First things sweet is this? We just had our back yard fenced in. We didn't do it for our kids to have a safe place to play but we did for our dogs. Abby and Sandy getting acquainted with one another over the water bowl. Sandy is our outside dog and Abby is inside.
What a week. My sister-in-law and I have been running around in circles getting ready for my nephews wedding. I would like to share a few pictures of the rehearsal with you.
The happy couple...Brandon and Tiffany. I have been playing with the pictures on the computer...I guess you noticed.
Christine and I worked Wednesday night getting the stage ready for the ceremony. You should see it when it is all lit up.
Is it almost over???????
Pastor Pat leading the guys out of the foyer to center stage.
Christopher was the V.I.E. ~ the Very Important Extra ~ he rolled out the carpet for the bride.
My beautiful baby walking down the isle. She was a bride's maid.
We're ready for the bride.
Pat instructing the couple on how to light the unity candle.
OMG!!! Do you see Bubba He did his part alright. He was in the middle of everything helping and giving out suggestions. We could not have done it without him, well we probably could have but don't tell him that.
These two!!! Always into mischief when they are together. Micah stuck a piece of tape on Bubba's forehead. What a face Micah.
A very grateful son.
My momma would have been very proud of this day. She would have been the one doing all the decorating so it was an honor to stand in her place and do it for Brandon. I know she is thrilled out of her mind now knowing that her death was not in vain. A family has been reunited and it is all because of her. Not only that, Brandon and Tiffany have not missed church since starting counceling with Pastor Pat and they are faithfully attending and getting involved. I can hear her saying her favorite saying now..."That's My God,always showing out. "
We missed you greatly momma!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I did NOT shed a tear!

There are lots and lots of pictures!!! I was a very proud momma Friday when my son left for his graduation. Look at him in a tie. It's a first since he was a little boy. Looks good doesn't he? This picture was taken as he was leaving for graduation.

Amber, Aunt Pat, Grandma Margaret, and Papa was there to see him walk in graduation.

I was not able to get a picture of this but as each student walked by the Principal on stage to receive their diploma, they stuck a sticky note on the back of him and bounced a small bouncy ball. Don't know why, I guess they wanted to be remembered for something. It was so funny.
Chris Faulkner, a long time friend of mine, handed Joshua his diploma. Chris is a board member of the school.
Look at that smile.

There was a not a dry eye in the convocation center when Whitney received her diploma. She was not able to walk but she was all smiles anyway. Ok, so maybe I did cry a little, but not because I was sad but because I saw how good my God is to me.
Joshua putting his cap back on after throwing it and bouncy balls everywhere.
Uncle Craig and Aunt Shelly were there to join with us in Joshua's milestone.
Micah and Jess were all smiles..."It's over!"
Michael and his big brother, Craig.
Jessie was very proud of her man.
Josh Jordan, Joshua's Youth Pastor was there to cheer him on when his name was called,

I was honored when Alicia and her daughter were there to be at the graduation to support us. She knew that this may be a difficult time for me and Joshua after losing my mom. Thank you Alicia. Debbie Sanders was there too, I just didn't get a picture because she was out of there as soon as it was over. Thanks Deb for being there.
Big Bro and Little Bro,
J.R. was yelling for Joshua when he received his diploma. J.R. helps in leading our youth band at church and is a mentor in Joshua's life as well.
This is one proud daddy.
I did not shed a tear...really I didn't. I think that I was so happy that he made it, that the smile could not leave my face. Unfortunately he waited until his senior year to get book smart, but we were very proud of his effort and his grades. We knew he could do it. Still not good enough though for the discount on driving...sorry bud.

Joshua and Trace,
Mimi drove in from Little Rock to share this time with us. It meant a lot to us to have her there.
Joshua and Shanda, Kyle's mom.
Keith, Kyle's dad with Joshua.
This is a precious family to us. Keith and Shanda have taken Joshua in as one of theirs and treated him as one of theirs. Mike and I will forever be grateful for them. They are a big influence on the young man Joshua has grown up to be. Thanks guys!!!
Kyle with his mom and dad.
Josh and Joshua,
Madison and Kyle,
Here they are again, Kyle and Joshua,
Brittney and Joshua,
Hayley and Joshua,
Joshua and little sis, Micah,
Drew, Joshua's Legion coach, was out to support him. Joshua admires him greatly and we appreciate the example he is for Joshua.
Wes, Joshua and Ivey showing off their pretty ties.
Joshua and Savannah,
Ashley and Joshua,
Joshua and Kaitlyn,
Joshua and T-Dog...Tanner,
Joshua, Tanner, and Tanner's mom, Joshua's other momma, Teresa,
All the bros together, Joshua, Tanner, and Andrew.
One of Joshua's closest friends, Chasity.
Tyler and Joshua,
I do not have a clue what the guys are looking at. Josh E., Dalton, Kyle, Tyler, Joshua, and Luke.
The sad thing about this whole night is that it will be the last of all of them ever being together again. We are very grateful for the thirteen years we have shared with all these kids and their parents. Memories that will never be forgotten.