Saturday, September 20, 2008

Upsy Daisy #2

Another Upsy Daisy...I really like this stamp set. I used the Baby Wipe Technique to get this finish on glossy paper. Recipe:

Card stock: Tempting Turquoise, Whisper White, and Glossy paper

Ink: Tangerine Tango, Tempting Turquoise, Real Red, and Basic Black

Accessories: Transparency and ribbon

Have fun casing this sure to send me a picture.

Now to family business...

Wednesday night we celebrated PaPa's "69th" birthday at Grecian Steak House.

Well it does say, "Butts Here". So Andrew decided to put his there! lol This is at Tamolly's Mexican Restaurant where Joshua works.

Tuesday was a big day for Micah. We were getting pumped to play cross town rivals, Paragould Rams. I let her decorate my chalk board at school along with her team mate, Emily.

The win was great, but she really only likes to play Paragould if her buddy Malorye, is playing. Since Mallorye was having surgery the next day she was not in the game so we got after game pictures. Notice the pink ribbon in Micah's hair. The team wore these ribbons in honor of Colby Smith's mom who has cancer. Colby plays on the Paragould team. I thought that was a very nice gesture from our girls. Our prayers are with Mrs. Smith.

Micah messin around with Mal. She came through surgery great and is at home, finally. She ended up staying longer than hoped anticipated.

Upsy Daisy

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Stamp set: Upsy Daisy
Card stock: Basic Black, Whisper White, Going Gray
Ink: Versa Mark
Accessories: Silver Embossing powder, Silver Brads

Who's got time?

I just can't find time to blogg anymore. Between subbing, cleaning, volleyball games, and card making I am about spent. So please be patient with me during this season of my life. I do want to show off some of my scrapbook pages. I used the "I Wish" Simply Scrappin' kit to create these pages.
Now I am off to create more...see ya.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"I wish" pages and more pictures from our trip

Gettin' ready for October 11th. Here are some of the pages that I came up with to help people who have never scrapbooked before. I am having a blast with the Simply Scrappin' kits, they are easy and supply everything but the pictures and adhesives. What more could you ask for? Let me know what you think.

I tried to do the pages with and without pictures for you to get an idea of what to expect if you were not an avid scrapper. If you have any questions let me know and I will try to help.

I didn't know that cameras automatically made the pictures black and Micah took a picture of me and Michael riding back from the Holy Land tour.

We are actually going 55mph down the highway when this last picture was taken. Don't ask me was a stupid moment. Please don't try this, although I do like the picture.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ok, there is a story behind the muddy shoes.

This blogs for you, Ginger and Amy R.
Being a very good best friend ,who would do just about anything for her best friend, proved it this weekend. Ginger asked me to help her sing the National Anthem at the Demolition Derby. Let's just say that I had a Blonde moment before going. It had rained the past three days...I mean rained too. I wore sandals to the fair grounds with tall wet grass and mud every where. What was I thinking? My buddies thought that it was funny...I, on the other hand, did not and felt very stupid. I wonder if anyone else noticed?
I hope to never go to another Demolition Derby again. By the time I left there I was sick, my adrenalin was racing...scared to death. Cars were smoking and rolling over. Who would want to be in a wreck or watch people try to hit each other. What is this world coming to? Well anyway...I survived. I pray that Ginger, Amy and Colette did too.

More pictures from our trip

This statue of Christ of the Ozarks was amazing. Look who we ran into while checking out some museums...Brandy Smith from church.
You never know who is around the corner.

This is a photo from the Holy Land tour describing what the boats might have looked like in Jesus' time, bigger of course.
I love our family pictures. There will be more pictures than writing on this blog.

I hope you enjoy them.Check this out...our children getting along. They were so kind to each other on this trip and to us. They made us very proud...but then again they usually do. I am very grateful to have well behaved children.

Fred proving that he is king of the river...or so he said anyway. Isn't the background beautiful? Yes, Fred you are too. This is my man of 20 years. This is the Beaver Lake Dam.

As part of our package of the Passion Play experience we were blessed with an all you can eat buffet. We ate, and ate, and ate...Mike did very good...he ate a lot of Chicken and sugar free desert. He recently found out that he is a diabetic. Oh by the way, we fell in love with Blue Bunny Sugar Free ice cream while on this trip. It was served at the resting spots through out the tour.

Micah and Andrew hanging out and doing some activity while Michael and I are doing laundry.

The kids are in front of the entrance to the haunted Crescent Moon hotel.

We made a stop at the Glass chapel, although the kids could have done without it. They said it was boring just setting in a church looking out the windows are nature...I on the other had thought that it was very relaxing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ahhhhhh vacation, finally

There's nothing like coming home on Thursday night and your husband saying, "pack your bags we are getting out of Dodge as soon as you get home from work tomorrow. We are headed to Eureka and I already have everything taken care of right down to the dog sitter. Now, kids or no kids?" That has to be a first in our marriage of twenty years (tomorrow). A vacation with out an agenda, just whatever we want to do and go. Can I tell you that it was the greatest vacation yet.

I chose to take the kids since we are never together anymore and this is Joshua's senior year of school. Because of the short notice, we left at 7:30 pm instead of right after work because I had to help everybody pack and get stuff know, mom stuff. Along the way we stopped at this scenic view and tried out a feature on my camera where it took the picture for us. Not bad if I do say so myself.

At about 10 pm we decided to stop and stay at the Norfork Inn, compliments of my daddy and Vic. Micah wanted to sleep in the floor, Mike offered but she said "NO" it's your anniversary weekend and you should be with mom." Isn't that precious.

The lake is still very high. This is a picture of Henderson. The beach is still covered along with the tables and bathrooms.

Upon arriving in Eureka, Mike had purchased tickets on line for many attractions. The first was a tour of the Holy Land. It is a replica of the Holy Lands with people to explain how things might have been or was during the time of the Bible. You ride a bus through most of it but there are some stops to which you get hands on information. Along the bus route the driver talked about the significant stories of the talking about the Ten Commandments.

This picture is of the Tabernacle. We entered through a curtain, in visioned a lamb being slaughtered and the significance of it, the blood being sprinkled on the brazen alter, and here the washing of the hand. This man in this picture is a Jew and a Southern Baptist minister. He shared this story with us as if he was actually there. He was very passionate about his Savior. It made everybody stand there with their mouths open say, WOW.

A replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

This is a cellar where they might have stored food. It went down deep into the rocks with a ladder to go down into it.

According to the tour guides, this is what a stable would have looked like in Jesus' time. There is a hole in the rock where hay lays. That is more like where Jesus would have been laid in the manger. In this cave "Mary" had the group singing "Amazing Grace". It was amazing. That was Joshua's favorite part of the tour.

Andrew was amazed by the size of the rooms in the Inn, that Joseph asked to stay in. You only lay for the night in these crevasses in the rocks so not much room was needed. He could not even stand straight up in the room.

Awwwww, now "The Last Supper". This is the setting described in History books.

Micah and a young lady named Rachel set at Judas and Jesus' place at the table.

Here we are at the end of the tour of the Holy Land. I will have more pictures latter. I have some scrappin' to do. Ta ta for now.