Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Day!!!

It's a great day, isn't it? It is for me. My mom got up this morning ready to get out of the house for the first time since undergoing two brain surgery's in November. I believe that she is getting her strong will back...I don't know if that is good or bad, hummmmm. This could get very interesting for me, huh? My sister in law and I are going to venture out with her to shop for a new pair of pants; notice that I said (a) meaning one, pair of pants. She has lost a lot of weight and her pants now make her feel big, so we will oblige her today by taking her shopping. Please pray for us!!!!
I have really enjoyed these next set of pictures that I will share with you. My mom had purchased our family a Wii for Christmas. We set the gift out on the table and told the kids to open it together since it was for all of us...mom and dad too. Can you imagine what they thought it is was...look how enthused they look.

At the slight peek of what it was, look how their expressions changed...I love it. Forget the gifts from Santa, an Ipod for the two younger ones and Punching bag for my oldest...it was, "get out of our way...let's get it hooked up dad!"

Oh, they were so sweet to let sissy go ahead and open it the rest of the way. They didn't even notice the other games with it or controls...just, "let's get it hooked up".

I must say that we have had a blast with it. I will try to get some pictures of us playing it when the opportunity comes my way.

In this picture my mom is receiving a gift from Micah, a picture of the two of them together two days before the first seizure. This is her inspiration to get back to good health again.

Great gift Micah.

Our gifts from our children, Mike and I, and gifts to each other, came from a very loving and giving family this year. Some friends of ours went out and purchase gifts for our family and had them wrapped and under tree before we got home from the hospital. Even decorated my house...how cool is that?

This Christmas has been very different...laying down our pride and letting people help us, cherishing every moment with our family not knowing if it could be the last...not just because of cancer but because of life in general. We should treasure each day with family and friends. I think that that is what I am convicted of the most...just enjoy! Things don't have to be perfect, my house may never be cleaned again, but someday, I will have all the time in the world. So for now, I will spend my time playing Wii with my kids and hubby and set at the table with mom and a cup of coffee or some of Deb's hot cocoa and just enjoy talking.

I don't know what the new year holds for us, but what I do know is this; "For I know the plans I have for you,declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

I know that my God is good and all things work for His glory and purpose and I will hold that thought near my heart throughout this next year while battling cancer with mom and Michaels dad. May God bless you all this New Year.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New commitment????

Ok, I am going to try to stay more faithful to my blogging now that I have more time on my hands. Isn't life funny...I have gone from no time; working and running with my kiddos nonstop and being a wife to a stay at home mom again that is not leaving the house much and setting with my mom. Now don't get me wrong, I don't regret having to stay at home and be with my momma, it's just funny how sudden life changes.
Well anyway, I have some pictures from our family Christmas to share with you,
I hope that you enjoy.
This is a picture of Joshua with his new girlfriend...now she is a keeper and she is even of the same faith that we are. Now how great is that? I don't dare tell him that because when I have in the past...bye bye girlfriend. I have watched this young lady grow up with my daughter and know her very well; and for that I am very grateful.

Oh, my little brother...well he isn't that little...six feet seven inches...nevertheless, my little bro. He loves Taco Bell so we blessed him with a gift certificate to enjoy a meal on us. He deserves it!!! He has been the best help in the world with mom...having to give up some of his family time so that I can leave and have family time. I love my bubba!!!

This is his beautiful wife and my precious sister- n- law sporting her new Bath and Body bag with some nice smelling lotion.

This is a picture of my brother and Christine's kids...aren't they handsome?

We are treasuring our time with Max, he will leave in a week to go back to Boot Camp. We are some proud of him for giving of himself to our country.

I know before I get some emails from my friends, yes, they are in my bedroom but notice that I am in there with them, with a camera, lol. Joshua did his own shopping this year and even paid for the gifts himself...now that is a first. He used all of his tip money that he had been saving...I am so proud of him, he is growing up. Nat is opening her clothes from American Eagle.

Here she is sporting the necklace that he gave her. She loved it and it looked great on her, but what wouldn't.

I think that she liked her gifts...good job son.

Now here he is opening up his...Jake Cologne...I think. A teddy bear with lots of candy and ...

his North Face jacket.

How typical is this, sissy helping big bro out so that he looks his best. I think she had as much fun watching them open presents from each other as I did. Could be because she went with Joshua shopping and knew what all he went through to get the right gift. She is a pretty good sis.

My dad and his wife Vic came over to spend Christmas Eve with us...Bubba and I went in together and bought my dad a TomTom, now no more arguments because he won't stop and ask directions...haha. I am very thankful this holiday season for the relationship that my mom and dad have...the best of friends. Mom even hangs out with his wife. I know it's weird but how precious it is for Bubba and I. Dad and Vic were by our sides through each of the brain surgeries mom went through. They are precious and that is what Bubba and I needed during that time, our daddy by our sides...thank you Vic for letting him!!!! Although I don't know if anything outside of an emergency would have kept him away.

Ahhhhh, now here are my babies...

This is a precious picture of my momma with all of her grand kids. This picture is priceless!!!

Now Christmas with Mike's family on Christmas Eve...

My kids setting with there uncle Craig, whom loves the bug the far out of anyone who is close to him...sorry Natalie. At least Joshua did warn her and she was on her toes. She went right back at him...you go girl.

Take a guess who got to be Santa...yep, Andrew delivering the gifts.

Fred opening his gifts from papa.
How funny Fred was...he got $90 in gift cards. He doesn't know which one to spend first.

Micah opening her gifts and daddy trying to hide...you have got to be faster than that dad.Joshua opening his gifts from Papa.Oh, and here is Papa and Will, my nephew.
I guess that I need to save some pictures for tomorrows blog. Hope you have enjoyed our Christmas and remember to cherish this time with your family...you never know when it will be the last.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Duck!

Today I am sharing a precious picture of my nephew with his first duck. He and his daddy went hunting on Black River and this is what he came home with. You go Stormy!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

You talk about a gentle giant...check out this blog.

My 6' 7" baby brother came over to visit us a spell and my dog decided to cuddle up to him...she is a miniature dachshund, isn't that precious? But it get even better.
He was taking his phone out of his hoody pocket and Abby thought that she would take an adventure into the pocket...
This is where she napped while he visited us. I love it.

Now to business...Today Vickie K. came by to visit me and we made some cards, but that wasn't the highlight of the workshop. Vickie showed me some boxes that she made at another workshop and I got the instructions...so we made some extras today.
These are some nice gift boxes for this holiday season sporting the "I Wish" Simply Scrappin kit...see these kits are not just for scrap booking, they were a nice touch to these boxes. Let me know if you need a designer box for a gift card or money...I think I can fix you up now. Vickie did a great job on these... don't you agree?

This was my favorite...too cute Vickie.

and here is my version...using the "Bella Rose" Designer Series paper from Stampin' UP! and a 12x12 Chocolate Chip Textured card stock; embellished with Chocolate ChipGrosgrain Ribbon. I wish the pictures were better but I had to use my phone for a camera.

I was pretty impressed with the sturdiness of the box. I loaded it up with supplies to show you how it would look; but how cute would it be if it was full of candy, even cookies, gift cards and pens for a teacher? The possibilities are endless.

It just goes to show that I have a lot to learn from my girls...I am so thankful that they spend time with me and share their ideas as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Man, I have missed this so much!!!!!!!!!

I have missed blogging so much. I didn't realize what a stress release it was for me. I know that most of my buddies know that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer; a tumor on her brain; she has now had removed. Today has been a rough one due to the outcome of our doctors visit today, let's just say that I am still in shock and trying to sort out some stuff in my head. How do people that do not believe in God do this? I mean, if it wasn't for Him and my support of church and friends, I would go crazy. Please continue to pray for us and thank you so much for the cards, you guys are GREAT!
When I think I am losing my mind I go to my studio and do what I love to do best, make cards!!! So here is a couple for you to view.

I love my Sock Monkey stamp set and use it a lot for my kids cards that they give out to friends.

Here is a Christmas card that I use my scallop punch and torn paper to create. This is very simple...try it...you will like it. I hope to have more to show as I am now home all the time.