Thursday, July 30, 2009

State Tournament Pictures

After checking out of our hotel, we had some time to kill, so we decided to go to the Clinton Library and check things out. Andrew is crazy about space and they had some exhibits there to see. I will share a few with you.

I know, you have always wondered what the space shuttles bathrooms look like, huh? Well, here you have it. Potty room and shower all in one.

The shower door closes and in cases the bathroom, I guess...that's what it looked like to us anyway.

Andrew tried out the simulators...he enjoyed landing the shuttle. Said it wasn't as easy as one would think. Really? He said he wasn't ready to do it anytime soon.

This is the space gear for getting around in space.

Andrew's dream is to someday be an astronaut. The kid has an unbelievable telescope that he shares with his family as he tells us what we are looking at. He loves the stars.

Fred and I stopped for a moment to get our picture taken together.

Michael and Andrew in front of one of the bridges in Little Rock.

Look, President Clinton loved baseball too.

This water feature was very interesting. It spilled over the side of the granite...also very refreshing on a hot day.

Leaving the Presidential Library. We had fun.

Our team during the National Anthem.

Game over...Joshua goes to the fence to text Jessie...go figure.

Joshua was very blessed to have an old friend...Evan friend in school from third grade until he moved be at his game. They still spend a week or two together every summer. It was nice to have him there.

Kyle with his dad after a long hard game.

These are the moments that I will miss.

I have been so blessed to be a part of this small community of friends. My memories, both good and bad, will be treasured in my heart forever. A lot of life's lessons and teachable moments game from baseball. I guess that's why I love the game.

District runner up

I know, I know, baseball again? Well the season for Joshua has come to an end so I am blogging all pictures I can find of him. Be patient.

I tried to take pictures of all the graduating seniors from Tech whom Joshua has
played with for the past 10 years...
Here is a look at some of his buddies.
Luke Foster
Josh Everett, known as "E".
Joey Taylor...Ooey is the name that Joey was blessed with.
Tyler Nutt, "TY" or "T-Nutt"...
Jon Wheeler, otherwise known as 18 wheeler,
Josh and Joshua playing around...They just won the game that would send them to state.
Our district runner-ups for this part of Arkansas...really proud of these guys.

Don't look so serious...Joshua and Jon.
Kyle, Joshua, and Josh...don't ask.
These boys get together and there's no tellin' what will happen.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas in July '09

Finally, Christmas in July. It was a great success and I am very thankful for the attendance and patience of our friends. We had nine in attendance and then JoAnn and I and our girls. For our first go was perfect. Lots and lots of incredible food to eat. Vickie made some homemade salsa that was a frequent stop for me.
Only a few things that we will change next year.
These are our family and friends that attended.
Here are a few of the projects that we made. My camera ran out of juice so I will have to share more photos of the projects at a later date.
This is a gift bag with four gift tags that can be used for Christmas presents...everyone needs these. I will show another picture later of all the tags...sorry. To and From is on the back of tags. We used that Big Shot Top Notes die to make the topper and Christmas Punch, a hostess level 2 stamps set for the tags.
This card featured vellum. It was fun and easy. I wish I had the original card that JoAnn made because it looks a lot better than this one.
These cards feature "Doodle This" a retired stamp set embossed in Gold. I showed two pictures to show how we fanned the flower to look like a poinsettia.
This card features the "Christmas Swirl" stamp set. We also made a 12 x 12 scrapbook page featuring the same idea as the card that I will have to show at a later date.

A country Christmas card made with the 1 1/4 circle punch and small tag punch.
Super easy card.

3D card using the Crabby Claws stamp set. This card was a lot of fun and a fan favorite.
This card featured the Circle Scissor Plus cutter and the technique "masking". It was fun to make as well.
These tile coaster were easy and a great Christmas gift. We used the
Holy Triptych stamp set.
If you have any questions or would like to make any of these gift items or cards, let me know and I would love to assist you.
Thank you so much ladies for attending and for making this a great experience for JoAnn and I. We are very thankful and grateful to have you as our friends and customers.

Baseball, baseball, and volleyball

Kids, kids, kids...yep, that's what dominates my camera time now. I had an individual tell me, "take lots of pictures of those kids because someday they may be taken away from you and that's all you have of them." She has lost two kids to two different accidents; the only two kids she had. Not that that situation will ever happen to me but you never know.
So, yes, lots of pictures.
Micah's junior volleyball session has started and I am loving it. Many camps throughout the summer and I get to attend some. Micah jumps to deflect the ball in this picture...not that you couldn't already tell that.
Micah is pictured with Mackenzie of the two of her setters.
Wham!!! back atcha here. She loves to block hits.
This picture is of Micah's two coaches from two different teams she plays on. The one in the blue is her high school coach and the one in the pink is her JO coach. We played against her JO coaches high school team and beat them, but not by much.
Micah is warming up in this picture with Krissy.
This year already promises to be a great year. Looking forward to it.

These are pictures of a previous tournament Fred played in at Truman.
He had an awesome batting average after this tournament.
Waiting on the ball...
hitting the ball...
making it to second base on that hit. You would have to see how fast Andrew runs to understand why this picture was taken. He is a slow runner...gets that from his mom... so the fact that he made it to second should tell you have far and hard he hit it...
dad turning around to me and asking, "did you see that?!". Yes he has hit home runs before but this ball was a very hard hit grounder. Stunned the players. It was awesome and the talk of the day. So I had to blog it.
When he is not playing first, shortstop, third, pitching or catcher, he plays left field. Man of many positions. Isn't that called a utility player?

Now, on to Joshua playing against West Memphis.
In this photo, Joshua has just came off the mound. While pitching he was stung on the rear end by a wasp. He was moved to left field right after that. Sad thing is, he was doing great on the mound but became very distracted after being stung.
He had a great day at bat going 4 for 8 in two games.
Kyle, my other kid, Joshua's best friend, batting.
Kyle with the Legion coach, Coach Smith, and Chris Miller.
Down time while the other team switches pitchers...Joshua with coach Sneed.

The season is almost to an end. It will be missed.