Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free today, what in the world do I do first?

Isn't life funny, I typed in the heading of the blog and Mrs. Connie calls me to sub. School has been in session now for a week and two days and I have subbed for all those days. Actually that's not true. I just called her back and told her to find someone else for today if possible so that I can go to the doctor with my hubby, awwwww, isn't that sweet of me?

Last night was the opener of the 2008 Volleyball season with us taking on our teams number two rival, CRA. We played there and it had to be a 100 degrees plus in that gym. Not a dry spot on anyone. If I was miserable I can only imagine what the girls were feeling like. Look at Micah's hair curling up...
This is when Micah's name was called out as one of the starters...please let me brag just this time. You would have to know what we endured to get to this point for me to want to even say that she is a sophomore starter. Some of you mommas know what I am talking about when I say that there is a whole lot of "who you are", "and who you know" that gets you into the game. We refused to play that game! Mom and dad are very proud of you Micah!!!! to say the least. Even her big bro who came to the game to support her was in shock.
I wish that I had a shot of her face when her name was called.

One of Micah's favorite things to do is to block the ball when the other team is
hitting it over the net...
and bumping it...

and of course...SPIKING IT.

Go Eagles!!! We play Westside tonight and it will be a good game. ]

Hope I get time to make a card or two today...if so...I will post later. Have a great one.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm still here...no really, I am

I am so sorry for not keeping up. I have actually been asked if I had fallen off of the planet...ha ha. I have just been very very busy. The first week of school I spent it in a class room being a sub for a teacher that broke some bones in her back. I really enjoyed it. I did come to the realization that teachers do a lot more than we are aware of. I have a deeper appreciation for them now.
I have about two weeks of our lives to share so set back and get you a cup of coffee. I will go back to Vacation Bible School at our church and share a picture of Andrew dressed in a dog costume trying to get a drink.

It was quite comical if you were there. He had to be very careful not to let the little ones see him.Dad and I took the kids out to get a snack at Burger King for all the hard work that they did at VBS. Mike and Andrew are sharing a moment together, both drinking Dr. Pepper. Don't they look just alike?

I went to Lynn's house Friday night to a Pampered Chef gathering and had a lot of fun and some great food. Lynn if you read this I made the mini hamburgers for our small group tonight and they were a hit. After the eating I headed to her Scrap room to be nosy. I love this idea, she uses egg crate to put her embellishments in. That's a cheap organizational tool for you.

And here are the Christmas cards I found lying around...I was amazed, she has her cards done, lots of cards done, and ornaments to boot. I have not even started.

I sent out an SOS for my friends to help me organize my studio area, immediately Misty came to the rescue and although it would have been great to take a picture of the beginning of the process, I didn't due to the fact that I have had no batteries for the past two weeks in my camera. When I have it all straightened up and looking like a studio, I will take pictures for you. Yes, I will get it there, those of you that are saying, "Yeah, right". I have been working very diligently on it since she has came and put so much effort into serving me but doing this for me. She did an amazing job. I be you wish you had my friends...lol.

Not only am I blessed with friends who organize for me, I also have a friend who loves, and I do mean loves, to hang my pictures. He wants all pictures to be straight, very annul about it. Thanks John and Mike for making my picture wall look Great!

This is a random picture that my daughter took with her camera and I loved it, so I had to share. Check out this picture that Fred drew. He loves to draw and has been acknowledged in school many times for his talent. He is following in the foot steps of his aunt Christine, who is an artist.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More pics

Well today was fast and furious for all of us. I pick up my niece and nephew in the mornings and they were bright eyed and ready to go.

I thought that I got out of teaching this week, not, I work all week, 6th grade. The upside to that is that I get to see Fred and Amber often and keep an eye on them.Now the kids are going to blog about their day.

Hola =D this is MiCaH....mom is making me blog about my day(blah=D). Today was exciting for me I have a class with my brother..that's gonna take some time getting used to. I have tons of home work and essays to write on my first day of school( good first impression teachers). Most of my teachers already know me through my big brother Josh or my mommy( they all love me). This year is gonna be hard...I have to be at the school at 7:20 for volleyball every morning( double the blah on that one). Today was very emotional for me. I'm sure you have all heard of Whitney Whelchel (a.k.a Tech's miracle girl), today was her first day back and we had a Assembly for her this morning and the Make A Wish Foundation was there. Whitney's wish was to have her bedroom at home TOTALLY redone to suit all her medical needs....the High School presented her with a bouquet of roses and a HUGE tiara. She was absolutely adorable I wish i had taken at pic but i didn't want to get sent the the principal on the first day(lol). Well that's about my day I have to go work on my homework! Had fun talkin to ya! =D Micah =D

well this is josh...and my mom is making me blog and tell yall about my day...well it was good for the most part except we have over like 700 people in the high school... it sucks and it don't help any that my lil sister is up there with me...and i have a stupid computer class with her but shes gonna give me ALL her homework so i don't have to do it! But other than that my day was pretty good and i get out at 1 because i have early release!

Josh #8

hey ppl-its fred...my first day was cool i guess

------i got to see all my friends------i got to get away from my mother who makes me clean all day (HALLELUJAH)-----and the most fun of all.......i got to get on my teachers last nerves!!!!------that definitely made my weeek!!! but as i said..."my first day was cool i guess"


Here we go....

All of us on our first day, yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go
My sweet baby.

Bible Study

Here are the kids at Bible Study this morning. I don't think they were ready for this, this morning. I snuck a pic in while I could.

A new era

Well, it's here. My oldest starts his senior year today. I am going to try to journal my thoughts throughout the day if I have computer access today at school. Please pray for me.
My baby and very Innocent daughter enters into a new world today...High school. Please pray for her innocents to remain and her love for the Lord to still be very strong.
My baby, baby goes to Intermediate today. He is in a very dear and close friends room. I feel very confident that his year will be a great year for him.
Off to get ready now for my first day of school...subbing, yeah, on the first day.
Talk to you later.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Man I am wore out with all of this office work. I alone registered what seemed like 50 plus kids this week in just the Elementary School. When I left Friday there were 948 students in 3rd through 5th grade in that one building, and 50 staff and teachers. Wow, that's a lot of people. I am not going to be working the first two weeks of school now just the first day. Which was great with me. I have a feeling that I will work as much as I will this year, due to teachers going to other schools because the pay for subs are $20.00 higher.
Don't blame them at all, if I could, I would.
I am proud to see tomorrow come, yet very very sad too. My oldest will be heading off to his Senior year. Where in the world did those days go? Here today and gone tomorrow. I am very glad that I will be working tomorrow so that I don't have to set around and think about it all day. I would be miserable. He has a new job at a restaurant being a host and seating those who come in and he is still working for S&S when they need him, so he's off to a good start to adulthood. I just have to let him go. And don't say a word about it to me unless you have walked in my shoes because I have heard enough of the "cutting the umbilical cord". Sorry, had to get that one off my chest. It is harder than it may seem. I know that God has a plan for all of my babies and I have to let Him be their God and not me. Do you know how hard that is? Man it is hard.
Enough of that stuff, now on the scrap booking.
Back 2 School scrap book workshop, Thursday, 21st and 22nd@ 6:30. My house, light snacks will be provided. The cost of the work shop is $5 and that also includes the use of my Cricut and also any of my stamp sets. Please RSVP. Two dates are available to accommodate you. Plus bring a friends and you will only pay $4 for the workshop. This is the page that we will be making. I will provide all card stock and the embellishments shown. You may bring extra embellishments for your project. The blue blank card stock if for more pics or embellishments, which ever you please.
Other dates to remember:
September 2, 6:30, Marker Club, Lisa Abanathy will be the hostess. Lisa, feel free to invite whom ever you want. The cost of the workshop is $1.00 for those who come and are not members of the club.

September 8th, 6:30 @ my house, 3 card workshop, $5 work shop fee. All new stamps sets will be demonstrated.

September 19th, 6:30, @ my house a scrap book workshop. Picture of page will be sent later to date of workshop.
Also be looking out for the new Scrap booking club coming in September. I will try to get more details out for that Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Christmas is right around the corner.

Christmas is right around the corner and Lynn has been very busy making her co-workers a Christmas ornament. She made a 3-d version using her Cricut "doodle charms" cartridge. She made 3 snowmen and put them together with pop dots. Then tied a ribbon around the neck. Put snowflakes on the inside scallop as well as the outside clear piece. The snowmen are 1-1/2" and the inside circle is 2" and the scallop is 1-7/8" - the possibilities are endless since the little cups are about 3/4" - 1" thick - kind of a shadowbox effect. Aren't the adorable?

Tonight we had the privilege of serving a special family in our lives...the McPherson's. Steve's mom is in the hospital and his children were bored staying in the waiting room, so we took them to Cracker Barrel. They had fun playing checkers and the peg board game. Please pray for this special family as Steve's mom has cancer.

Ta Ta for now, hope to share more tomorrow. Lisa

I don't want to work

Call me lazy, I don't care. I want to be a stay at home wife and mother. I guess for the most part I can but I am having to sub at the school for the next three weeks and I am already tired of it. I want to stamp!!!!! I am finally getting things straightened up and organized the best that I can and now I have to leave it. If my oldest son was reading this right now his response would be, "Cry me a river". Oh, I hate it when he says that but he's right, it's all petty I guess.

I am very excited about an upcoming event that I will be hosting in October, I am really looking forward to getting the news out to you but not all is finalized as of yet, maybe tomorrow.

I just wanted to whine for a moment so go on to something constructive now. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joining in fun

Last night was Marker Club night and Joann treated us to a great supper. It was very relaxing and time well spent with friends. Amy, Ginger, Joann, and Lisa were the club members present and Misty, who is an avid scrapbook and card maker, came as well. This group made a Sock Monkey card.

Not much to share right now so I will get back with you later. Thanks for reading the blog.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes, I am still here

Good morning, all. I am still kickin', just had a lot to do this weekend, none of which had to do with Stampin' UP!, darn. OK, here goes. My mom and Aunt Linda came home from their little trip to the spa that lasted a week longer than I had prepared myself for. I know now that I do not want to move away from my momma. I had a hard couple of weeks with my kiddo's and I needed some wisdom or maybe I should say a shoulder to cry on.

But she's back now and look at these girls...

They said that they could move in ways that they had not moved in years. Climb hills without having to stop and take a breather, water aerobics, you name it, they tried it. Maybe didn't finish it, but tried it. Momma lost all together this morning 20lbs. You go momma.

This is my uncle Danny, married to my aunt Linda. They picked him up at the airport in Memphis and he came to Arkansas with them. They were only here for a short time. They went to the Lake to relax at my brothers house. It is always great to have them here. They are a huge part of my past and present life.

This is Lisa A.. We celebrated her birthday last night in our small group class that we have at our house each Sunday night. It's like Sunday School in most traditional churches but only in a home.Sorry, the picture is kinda blurry. Mike was asking us if he looked better with a earring or without. He has a paper clip attached to his ear. No he does not wear earrings. We were discussing tattoos and some how earrings on men came up, go figure.

Now I get to share some of my heritage with you. As a child, for the most part my parents were not very involved in church, but they always made a way for my brother and I to attend if we wanted to. I was very blessed to have spent most of my weekends as a child growing up with this family. I would go to their house and stay with them Friday night through Sunday night. These people are as much a part of my life as my blood family and I love them more than words can explain.

This is MOM. I have called her mom all my life. Her name is Eleanor Foresythe, but she is mom to me and my family. We celebrated her 80th birthday Saturday. I remember the lemonade that she use to make for me every weekend and the Mexican chicken. I love her so much. She was Jesus with skin on to me.

Here is a picture of me and my little brother with mom way back when. I was four.

The lady setting down in the blue and white is Brenda, moms daughter. I know her as Beba. We work together at the school now and I still call her Beba. I stayed the night with her even up to when she married Donnie, and right before I got married. She taught me how to sing, was my Sunday School teacher, GA leader and mentored me into the christian that I am today. She has invested her whole life in me and I am forever grateful.

The one in the dark blue shirt is mom's other daughter, Sam. I call her Cis. She too has invested a great deal into my life and is one of my moms very best friends. They live beside each other and still are very close. She also is the one that I trust to take care of my little Abby. She owns Bows and Toes, a animal grooming salon.

I am very thankful today to have the opportunity to share these pictures and memories with you. I am looking forward to seeing Jesus lay crowns at these sweet peoples feet for the time that they invested in me and my family.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sock Monkey, hands down

Last night was a blast. Vickie had her workshop last night in my studio area. We made three cards one of which I can not show you up close until I get some new batteries, but you can see it in one of the pictures below. Here are some photos of last night workshop.

Jenny is using her breath to keep the ink on her stamp moist because it took her an hour to color her image. No, not really, we were just giving her a hard time. She painted her stamp with great caution and her acetate card was beautiful. Great job, Jenny.

The ladies held up their favorite card. I think the Sock Monkey won. It is a very versatile stamp set that can be used for many occasions. Oh, look, Amy is holding up the other card. The blue one to the far right of this picture. We made a monogram card. Amy loved hers so much that she declared to everyone that she was framing hers. You go Amy.

Here is a group picture of our Sock Monkeys. Look at the originality of each card. Not one is the same. I can't wait to get all of the accessory pieces that goes with this stamp set. It is a lot like Loads of Love, has a few accessories but there are many more in a different stamp set.

Jenny won the TomBow adhesive giveaway and Lynn won the Three card give away. Thanks ladies for a great time last night. I have many openings for August so if you would like to have a workshop, whether it be for cards or scrapbook pages, let me know. I am in the process of working up a workshop for a Back to School Scrapbook work shop for next week. More details later today.

Have a blessed day in the Lord, Lisa

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New stamps...more fun

Well, still no Fall/Winter Idea Books. I never knew that I could be so impatient over something coming in the mail that I can not even use. I know that the boarding states to the west of Arkansas got theirs today, so maybe tomorrow.
I am fixing to have a workshop in 30 minutes and thought I would share two of the three cards with you that we are creating tonight.

The Tangerine card uses the Sock Money stamp set which is in the new catalog and the clear card uses the Fresh Cut Flowers stamp set also in the new catalog. So, although we don't have the catalog at our finger tips, we will get to use some new stamps...yea. I will post about the workshop later. Until then...Lisa

Monday, August 4, 2008

Shhhhhhhhh...don't tell her

I don't think that Vic reads my blogs unless I send her an email telling her to, so please don't tell her about this if you read it. Vic...if you are reading it...CLOSE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her birthday was like two or three weeks ago and I haven't gotten her present to her yet. This is what I made her...a card organizer. She is always sending out cards, so I added a few of my own to the mix. I hope she enjoys it.
This one is Tammy G.'s. She asked me to finish the out side of it for her.

This is one of my favorite cards that I have made.


Cardstock: Night of Navy, Brocade Blue, Whisper White, and glossy paper

Ink: Night of Navy, Basic Black, and Brocade Blue

Stampset: Lovely as a Tree and Canvas

Very important that you allow the black ink to dry on the glossy paper before applying the sky with a sponge.

See ya later, off to organize...lol.

Gooooood morning

Goooooooood morning to all on this beautiful, yet very hot, day in Paragould, Arkansas. This card highlights what I would love to be doing right now if the gas wasn't so expensive...driving through the hills of Arkansas looking for land to build a new home. I am ready for a move. I know after all that I have just done with the remodeling? Yep, now I can hang ceiling fans, lay hard wood and tile and even cut trim and do crown molding. OK, enough of all of that, now about the card.
This card was created by V.K.. She used the Loads of Love stamp set. This stamp set is very versatile and has many uses. I would love to do a workshop for you and show you how many different ideas I have for cards and projects with this stampset. Call me and we will set a workshop up.
I am planning on having a garage sale this weekend and those who read this blog are more than welcome to come look first. I pray that I rid my house of a lot of unnecessary stuff! School is starting and with me working full force again I don't have time for stuff that collects dust. I think that you will be very surprised with all that I am getting rid of so please come see me. Maybe I will have a picture of some items for you on tomorrows blog.
Don't forget Vickie's workshop on Tuesday, 6:30, my house.