Thursday, April 30, 2009

Treasures from the past

My mom passed away in February and we are starting to go through her belongings. I found a DS card in one of the drawers of her hutch and these are the pictures from it...Joshua is 12, Micah 10, and Andrew 6...they are so cute...
Graduation Certificate from Kindergarten
Micah's 10 year birthday party at her Uncle Mike's pool.
My momma with her momma...I bet that is exactly what they are doing right now in heaven...setting by each other and enjoying each others company...who knows Jesus could be joining them.
Michael and momma...
The birthday gang...hummmm...Fred looks guy to all of these he was loving the attention.
Bible Drills at Westview Baptist Church...
Bible Drills at Southside Church...
Joshua and Tanner...they are still great friends...playing on the same baseball team now.
Adam and Andrew...don't ask because I don't have a clue...I guess they both like cocoa pebbles...
Fourth Grade GCT pageant...
My little beauty queen...isn't she precious?

Micah and her papa...This has been my special blessing of the day...see ya.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Truck, baseball, and nerves

Joshua may have pitched his last high school game Friday night in Blytheville. He did a great job and was the winning picture.
Tech played Batesville last night for their last High school regular season game. We lost both games and now are seated 3rd in the State Tourney this weekend in Hot Springs, AR.

Yeah, he got on base.
Fred got to pitch in this tournament, which drives a momma and daddy crazy. I love my new camera, these are good pictures.

Look how much taller Andrew is from some of his team members. This is the Championship picture that will be put in the paper...see our little bat boy, Gage, in the left corner of the picture...isn't he precious?
Well, the wait is over. Joshua got him a new truck. He has drove us crazy to let him buy a new one, so we gave in. Micah has, well, in the process, of buying his Pathfinder from him. We may not have made a lot of smart choices in our parenting saga but making our kids buy their own vehicle was a good one. It can be done...they pay for their own insurance too, with a little help. I am very proud of them for saving to help us out.

I have more pictures to share tomorrow, until then.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Prom #2...

The funniest thing just happened...when mom was sick and we were traveling back and forth to Jonesboro somehow I lost $100. The only thing that we could think of was that when the door of the car was open they blew away. Well Mike is outside racking leaves and guess what he came across...$20 bill. Now that is only one but it kinda proved the fact that the bills flew out of the car. I am grateful for the blessing of finding just one. Maybe someone who needed it, got the other four.
Sorry for the delay of pictures...I guess I had forgotten that I did not post the pictures until last night when some friends reminded me. Here goes...Greene County Tech 2009 Prom...
Joshua getting ready...he hated the tie...

Joshua calls from where they are eating and says, "mom! I forgot the flowers!". I called Bren's and they stayed open so that I could come and get them...Thanks Bren's!. Jessie trying to put Joshua's on but in frustrations gave it to me and said, "you do it."

Upon arriving to the community center where the prom was held, all the girls, well those that cared, was putting on garment tape to keep their dresses to them...I appreciated that very much. That showed me how much character Jessie has and I was very proud of her. You know, some wouldn't care if it made others look. Thanks Jess.

He did stop for a moment to let Jess take a picture of us...the puffy eyes are from uncle was in the ICU dying...long night.

Now, the cute couple together...I didn't do so good on the flowers did I?

Joshua and one of his good friends Wes. These boys have grown up playing ball together. Wes will have a state championship ring on his finger this year for basketball...GO TECH!

Tyler, another great friend Joshua has played ball with since he was seven. I am very thankful that Joshua has been blessed with the friends he has.

Joshua and Jessie walking out in the Grand March...theme...Under the Sea.

Tanner Duncan, otherwise known at our house as T Dog, one of Joshua's best friends.

The gang together again...Joshua, Jessie, Madison, and Kyle.

He looks more like his dad than I ever thought...both very good looking if I do say so myself.

Joshua and Joey...another ball bud...

and Jon.

This is a picture that only these men could appreciate...all of the Arkansas Redbirds and their dads. We traveled many years together...been through many trials and they are all still standing strong in their friendships. We have been reprimanded many times for the time that we spent on the baseball field through the years, but I have gleamed a few important things from it...because of the tightness with these boys, they kept each other out of trouble throughout the years, not a lot of down time to get into things that could get them in trouble, and when there was a mom dying...they were there through it all bringing great food, sending encouraging cards and just being available to cry to. My family is very lucky to have ran with this group of people for more than ten years.

Just the dads....

Now the moms.

Joshua and Luke...

Kyle with his proud mom and dad...

Jessie's four inch heels had to come off...Joshua was sweet to remove them for her.

This picture I will leave you with...Joshua, Kyle and Josh. Here is a precious friendship that I pray never is broken. Joshua is very fortunate to have these two friends, and as a mom, I am glad that he does. Here you see three boys that the Lord is going to do something great with, and I know this because all three have parents that have prayed over these boys night after night. They know the Lord and love others. I wouldn't be surprised to see them serving in the same church someday.

Thanks for letting me share my baby with you. Please pray for him as he enters the real world of adulthood. Many decisions to make that will be hard but lots of blessings to have because of the right ones made.