Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Downline get together

I am sharing pictures of our upline/downline meeting on Thursday. These meetings are held monthly to share our goals, ideas and encourage each other.
My upline is Sandy...she is the third lady on the right in a white shirt. Mandy was the only part of my downline that attended...she is the one to the left in the blue. Dana, JoAnn, and Jerri were not able to attend.
This is a card that was pasted around for inspiration if you have the Trendy Tree Set stamps...Love the color scheme using our old "In Colors".

This is a Father's day wallet that was made as well for inspiration. I made three last night for individuals...let me know if you would like one as well. I charged $3.00 for each.
In this she used a gift card and note in the sleeves.
We were just handed our home work and Sandy is telling us what she expects for the next meeting...
This is our homework...to make an "Inspiration book" to keep our cards in.

We take a picture from a magazine, book or whatever and make a card using the same color scheme. This is Sandy's Inspiration Book. We have to find a picture out of a catalog or book and do the same.
This is a fantastic card from Mandy who is part of my downline. I am giving it to you in three pictures so that you can get an idea of what the card is and how it was made because I could not do the card justice by the camera. Back view...
Side view...
Front of card. The busyness of the table doesn't allow you to see how the card really looks. I am going to see if she will come demonstrate this card for us one night. Cool isn't it. She did a great job.

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