Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Micah's Senior night at Southside Church

Sunday night we celebrated Senior night at church. I would love to share some photos with you of our princess.

I am so proud of Micah. She is more precious than I ever dreamed a little girl could be. She is a woman of integrity with high standards and morals. Micah you are a mother's dream.

Micah with her shadow London. I don't know what these girls are going to do when Micah actually settles down.

Micah with the May's, her other family.

hmmmmm...who looks taller? She can't stand it that her little bro is taller than she is.

Our family minus one. Joshua was working for his sister so that she could attend. What a good big brother he is.

Daddy's little princess...always.

Micah taking time to get a photo with a couple of special girls in her life. She has watched these girls grow up to the young ladies they are today. Oh, and that's mom on the other side. Amy has watched Micah grow up as well.

Friendships are priceless.

Our men's group sang for us and a fine job they did.

A view of the seniors on the front row.



Josh, our youth pastor, presenting Micah and Zach with a box of Jell-o. They were involved in lots of Dr. Fear, Fear Factor games, that envolved Jello. Lots of memories there, and laughs too.

London and Callie made Micah a picture to give her before she had to rush out to get to work. They love Micah.

We enjoyed cake and punch after the presentation of the Seniors.

Our church family prayed of the students at the end of service.

What a wrecking crew! Josh and Steven mentored these young men.

We capped of the evening with the kids hanging on Andrew. They just could not get enough of him.

A word of advice...enjoy your children while they are young. This all happens way to fast.

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