Saturday, September 6, 2008

More pictures from our trip

This statue of Christ of the Ozarks was amazing. Look who we ran into while checking out some museums...Brandy Smith from church.
You never know who is around the corner.

This is a photo from the Holy Land tour describing what the boats might have looked like in Jesus' time, bigger of course.
I love our family pictures. There will be more pictures than writing on this blog.

I hope you enjoy them.Check this out...our children getting along. They were so kind to each other on this trip and to us. They made us very proud...but then again they usually do. I am very grateful to have well behaved children.

Fred proving that he is king of the river...or so he said anyway. Isn't the background beautiful? Yes, Fred you are too. This is my man of 20 years. This is the Beaver Lake Dam.

As part of our package of the Passion Play experience we were blessed with an all you can eat buffet. We ate, and ate, and ate...Mike did very good...he ate a lot of Chicken and sugar free desert. He recently found out that he is a diabetic. Oh by the way, we fell in love with Blue Bunny Sugar Free ice cream while on this trip. It was served at the resting spots through out the tour.

Micah and Andrew hanging out and doing some activity while Michael and I are doing laundry.

The kids are in front of the entrance to the haunted Crescent Moon hotel.

We made a stop at the Glass chapel, although the kids could have done without it. They said it was boring just setting in a church looking out the windows are nature...I on the other had thought that it was very relaxing.

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DG said...

Hello Everyone. Thank you for posting your pictures on the web. I really enjoy looking at your pictures and it helps me to keep in touch with everyone as you all grow up and get older.

Donny Gramling Jr.