Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ok, there is a story behind the muddy shoes.

This blogs for you, Ginger and Amy R.
Being a very good best friend ,who would do just about anything for her best friend, proved it this weekend. Ginger asked me to help her sing the National Anthem at the Demolition Derby. Let's just say that I had a Blonde moment before going. It had rained the past three days...I mean rained too. I wore sandals to the fair grounds with tall wet grass and mud every where. What was I thinking? My buddies thought that it was funny...I, on the other hand, did not and felt very stupid. I wonder if anyone else noticed?
I hope to never go to another Demolition Derby again. By the time I left there I was sick, my adrenalin was racing...scared to death. Cars were smoking and rolling over. Who would want to be in a wreck or watch people try to hit each other. What is this world coming to? Well anyway...I survived. I pray that Ginger, Amy and Colette did too.

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Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I so appreciate you singing with me and...sacrificing your shoes and toes! Love ya...even your blonde!

PS...I totally stole this pic from your blog