Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday blessings

I have to admit that my 39th birthday was one of my best. I did not work yesterday at the school, I stayed at home and cleaned Fred's room and read a book. I did what I wanted to do and loved it. Michael, mom and the kids took me to Chili's to eat (favorite place). Michael left me and mom at Chili's and told me that I could not come home yet, well this is why...
They had the house decorated...that is mom in the picture...I don't have a clue what she is doing.
Me with my cake, yes, can you believe Michael put 39 candles on that cake.
My momma wanted a picture of me on her lap and I obliged.
I am laughing so hard because the cake set off the fire alarm...yeah, that made me feel great.

No surprise to many, I blew all of them out in one breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spit a little on the cake too. HaHa, that's what they get for laughing.

Let me introduce you to my best friends, minus two, Lisa and Tammy, who was at the hospital with her step dad who had been in an automobile accident earlier that day. In the maroon is Amy, then Debbie, and Ginger. I told them no gifts, but they didn't listen. I was over whelmed with the gifts that were given to me last night. These gals have stuck with me through thick and thin and still love me. I could not make it in this harsh world with out them. I love you guys and thanks for making my night the best!!!! You will see Lisa A in another picture...she was not at the house yet.

Here is Lisa A on the couch with Debbie. They were a little late due to doing church ministry, their passion, visiting people who are in the hospital and loving on them. I am a lucky girl to have them (Lisa and John) on my side.

My father in law, Wayne and his wife, Margaret. They were full of political jokes last night which had all of us laughing.

All of the guys, our husbands, eating their cake and ice cream.

I was disappointed that I did not get a picture with my man, but he made this the greatest day ever. He babied me all day and made me feel special. I love you baby.
Thanks every one. I have a blast!!

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