Saturday, November 1, 2008


It seems to me the only time I don't feel guilty for posting on my blogg is when everyone is out of the house. Thus, here I am. Mike and Joshua are fishing, Micah is babysetting London, and Fred is at a friends house. So it is just me and Abby today.
Ok, so here is what has been happening since the last blogg...

Beverly and I got together and made calendars last week. These calendars are featured in our Holiday Mini catty on the second page. They are so cute and easy. Great gift for parents.

This is a cute, cute card from my upline, Sandi. How cute is that? (oh no!!! did I say that. I have been hanging around Debbie to much if I am saying that.) She is treating me to dinner...candy blood. I will definately case this card for next year. My kids are fighting over the blood. So next year Sandi, you might think about sending three...haha. I only wish that my camera could have taken the picture before the water was spilt on it.

Five more day and I turn a year older and and dear friend sent a card early to make sure I got it for my birthday...Thanks Misty. I love it when friends send me cards that they have made, means more and I will keep these. But beware...I do show these cards on my blog and to my customers for ideas.

This past week was very exciting for Tech Volleyball girls. Micah was trying to get her game face on but I made her smile for the camera. Our girls went farther in State playoffs then ever in school history. We made it to the final four and lost to the defending State Champs...Greenwood. After the game we knew why they were the state champs. Micah is 5'11" but she seemed very short up to those girls.

Before leaving for the tournament Thursday...early in the morning...Joshua was in Dr. Crawfords office having a root canal. Ain't that the way to start the day off. He was miserable throughout the night so Doc. told him to come in first thing.

He loved the Happy Gas. He asked how he could get some for home...ha ha.

Last night was least favorite holiday celebration but Michael was trying to make me laugh...he did a great job. We were part of the clean up crew after the Fall Festival at church and this is what he looked like cleaning. Don't you just love him...I do.

There is so much more to tell but our dryer went out after 17 years (go Sears) and we had to purchase a new one. So guess what I am catching up on today after five days with no dryer.

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