Friday, October 16, 2009

Cruise #3

Sorry it has taken so long to post the rest of the pictures. This portion of the blog shows our excursion to Stingray Beach. We fed, held, and swam with Stingrays. It was pretty cool. It was one of the most exciting part of the trip for me.
No, it wasn't foggy, only on my camera lens.
I thought they were neat pictures so I am sharing with you.
Upon getting off the ship, we had to walk along this long boardwalk to get to the island. It had to be a mile long or even longer.
Check out how crystal clear this water is on the side of the boardwalk. Amazing!!!
After the long walk, we rested while waiting for our tour guide to meet us in the market place.
Now to Stingray beach...
Here we go...
This hut was huge! This picture doesn't do it justice. It was our information center where we were taught the do's and don'ts of Stingrays.
The first thing we did was feed them. As soon as you step into the water they come swimming at an alarming rate. It was overwhelming and scary. We were given fish to hold in our palms and the Stingrays would swim over the hand and suck the fish out of your palm. It was weird to say the least and Micah didn't want any part of it.
We were led deeper into the water where we held and pet the Stingrays and Starfish. Joshua didn't like the Starfish because it sucked on you.
This was the daddy of them all...well actually the momma of them all.
Females are much larger than the males.
The kids made a new friend while on the beach...
Isn't this view amazing. So peaceful and the breeze made you want to stay and sleep. There is another ship coming in. When we left there were three in port.
We just hung out here for a while waiting on our taxi driver to get back to pick us up.

This was a nice family time for all of us. I would do the Stingray encounter again just because of the WOW factor of being in water with a unfamilar creature. We had a blast and the joy and excitement on the kids faces was worth the price of admission.
And yes, did a little shopping too. That part was actually scarier than the Stingrays. Those people would run after you and beg you to buy their stuff.
I will try to have more next week if not before. Have a blessed day.

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