Friday, October 16, 2009

I have been away for a while...sorry.

There are lots of stuff to catch up on I know.  I have some new pictures to share.  We had an evening of pumpkin carving on the deck with Micah, Josh, and Jess making a huge mess.  I spared you all the mess to show you these sweet pictures...Fred was at a friends so he did not participate...ahhhhhh.

We had dinner with some of our close friends and I took this sweet picture of Gabe and London.  London was reading a book to Gabe and I guess they liked what they read.

I had the best time with my baby girl at a Living Proof conference with Beth Moore this month.  It was cool just hangin' out with her and my buddies. 
This is a picture of Beth coming off the stage headed towards us.  That's the cool thing about her conferences, she gets down in the audiance and talks to us.  That was neat.

The conference was held at the FedEx Forum in Memphis and Micah found a volleyball to play  She is a volleyball magnet.

I will try to stay more up to date.  Time just gets away from me.  Have a blessed day.

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