Saturday, October 17, 2009

Senior Night projects

Well, we all know how proud of my babies that I am.  Micah made this momma very proud this week.  We had nine senior volleyball players that were going to play their last game on the home court this week.  Micah and Emily made posters and scrapbooks for the nine seniors...with a little help from mom of course.

They cut circles out of posters board, drew a volleyball and their names on each.

Then we used a SU! tool called the Color Spritzer Tool (#107066, $12.95) and sprayed their names to give it a groovy look.  They turned out precious and the girls loved them.

Micah and Emily working late into the night on Wednesday to finish.

These are the acordian scrapbooks they helped me make for the girls.

Now a little game action.  Micah had lost her groove for a few games but Thursday night she got it back.  I lost count on the Kills.

Coaches Darline and Audra were very appreciative of Micah and Emily's work to make Senior Night a success and so was I.

After the game the Juniors posed for a snapshot.  The girls will miss our foriegn exchange student, Shondra when she leaves. 

Very exasperating week getting it all done, but we did it.  Good job girls.

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