Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming '08

Aren't they handsome...Kyle and Joshua looked great today at the homecoming...although they were not happy that I was snapping another picture.
Here they ask their other bud...Big E to come and join them.

Joshua and Chasity Biggs...the one that he escorted, drove off to the parade of maids today in this golf cart. They drove around the football field twice to wave at all of the students. Chas and the little Harris girl was holding on was holding on for her life.
Seth, Joey, Kyle and Joshua waiting for their maids to get to the Freeman house where pictures were was hot and they were miserable...thus no smiles. Joshua, Kyle, Joey and Chandler are checking out the senior skit on our camcorder.
Don't ask because I cannot give you an answer. A mom asked to get all of thier pictures together and they turned around and started pointing. This must be a common practice with these guys because they did the same thing at last years prom.

Chas and Josh

Ok, you would have had to been there to appreciate this picture. I told Joshua that I wanted a "not so serious picture" and to Chasity's surprise and mine and her mothers, he goes over and picks her up. I nearly choked on my Mt. Dew in fear of him dropping her.

Now that we are all calmed down...we take the picture. Just setting here looking at these pictures I can not help but laugh...that was so out of Joshua's character. He is usually very reserved...well not today, out of his shell he came.

Now check this one out for "not so serious"...

Queen, Alisa Diggs and Joshua. They have been buds for a long time and this was a precious moment for them to share...

Then she yells..."Josh, pick me up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So he obliged.

Kyle and his maid...
Man, those boys thought they were something...and so did I. They will have their Senior pictures made together Monday...I can't wait. It will be at their favorite fishin' hole...Dr. Crawford's, with Freida Davault taking the pictures. Yes, I will show them as soon as I can. Joshua and Kaitlyn, another precious friend. This was so funny...Joshua was caught off guard...isn't this picture priceless. Robin and I will have to get a big one of this.

Out of no where, there were chants echoing throughout the yard, "hairy Tarry, hairy Tarry. Again, he had us laughing, hysterically and Chas too. She was loving it.

And here is the whole gang together.

Oh, I cannot forget this picture...Big E and Luke saying good bye to me.

Now, off to the Senior breakfast...Mike and I will have a late night...yes, so that I can take more pictures I will be there, but only for a little while.

There are so many more I will stop here. Thanks for taking the time to look.

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Alicia Chambers said...

Those are great priceless moments! Its good to see him enjoying his senior year!