Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The long awaited scrapbook workshop

It did not turn out as I had thought that it would...two had to decline at the last minute due to the lost of our worship pastors' father's funeral and rightfully so. Then there was another cancellation at the last minute which was iffy any way, so only two joined me. Can I just tell you that God knew exactly what I needed? These two women taught me more in the seven hours they were here than I could have ever learned anywhere else. No, it did not take them seven hours to do all the pages because they were whipping them out right and left. I could not keep up...but I had the opportunity to show them so many techniques to incorporate with their pages.
I am new to the scrap-booking part of my business and they are ol' pros!!! I don't think that I finished one page because I was so into watching them and making myself available to answer questions. Upon learning how to be put things together on pages I also had the opportunity to fine tune my skills on card making...which you know that I love. I only wish that I would have taken pictures of their cards. Guess what? The Loads of Love was their favorite stamp set too.

So here of their work.
Sherri and Jamie

In down loading these pictures I realized that I did not take pictures of all of the pages made...darn. They each made eight pages. Oh well, maybe next time.

I have an extra "I Wish" Simply Scrappin' kits left if you would like to purchase one for $23.81. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks Sherri and Jamie for a great day and for teaching me so much. I look forward to more scrap time with you.

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