Monday, October 20, 2008

Leadership Paragould

Kids will do anything to get out of school these days, but this time Micah's reason was legit. She has been asked to be apart of Youth Leadership Paragould. It is a group of people that gather monthly and develop leadership skills and work on trust and team work as well as gain knowledge of what our friendly city of Paragould if founded on. You have to be nominated by someone who has seen, up close, your leadership skills. They have not told us first hand who it was that nominated her along with three other students from her school in the tenth grade, but we are very grateful.
She was very nervous today to go to the Leadership luncheon where she will socialize with other youth from other schools and the adult members of this years Leadership team. A week from today she will be going out to an area in Walcott where her and her peers will be doing a ropes course to encourage team work. She is very excited.
The pictures are of her getting ready this morning. She is beautiful even when she is brushing her teeth...I know, she's mine, but you would think the same of your child.

I am going to have to call on some of my buddies that are in the business world to go shopping with us because she has to have a pant suit and business attire for a lot of her monthly meetings. We don't usually dress up for anything other than church, so the closet is bare in that section. So girls be ready for my call. I really am looking forward to the growth that we will see in Micah through this process.

Have fun baby and YOU GO GIRL!

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Alicia Chambers said...

Oh she is beautiful! What a great honor. She is a wonderful girl and deserves everything good in life! I don't know how you feel about Cato's but they have some very trendy but business attire. Good luck!