Wednesday, July 15, 2009

swimming, baseball, and award winning car

Lots of random pictures today...haven't had time to work on scrapbook pages or cards due to the Christmas in July workshop coming up. I've made several projects, just none that I can share until the event, so I guess you will just have to settle for pictures of my kids.
We all know how creative Andrew is...well check out what he did with his ice cream cone...made a face...who can do that? It showed more detail in person, picture doesn't do justice.
My cousin Chelsea entered her Mustang GT into a car show this week and won Best of Show and Best is iridescent in front...changes to many colors...real cool. If it ever comes up missing she might need to check my garage...Mike wants it BAD!!!!

Now a few more pictures from the tournament last week.
Everyone was scrambling around trying to keep Andrew cool...heat index was 102. They were putting rags on his neck, making him drink lots of water. He made it just fine and I appreciated all the dads did to keep him cool and hydrated.
and the results...first place.
Proud daddy with his son who played one heck of a ball game...batted over .700 in that tournament...GO FRED!!

We're number one!!!!!! In this tournament anyway.

We love spending time at our aunt's pool... Andrew enjoys the slide... Micah, the diving board...look she walks on water. Isn't the water crystal clear? Always at Aunt Pats.

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