Thursday, July 30, 2009

District runner up

I know, I know, baseball again? Well the season for Joshua has come to an end so I am blogging all pictures I can find of him. Be patient.

I tried to take pictures of all the graduating seniors from Tech whom Joshua has
played with for the past 10 years...
Here is a look at some of his buddies.
Luke Foster
Josh Everett, known as "E".
Joey Taylor...Ooey is the name that Joey was blessed with.
Tyler Nutt, "TY" or "T-Nutt"...
Jon Wheeler, otherwise known as 18 wheeler,
Josh and Joshua playing around...They just won the game that would send them to state.
Our district runner-ups for this part of Arkansas...really proud of these guys.

Don't look so serious...Joshua and Jon.
Kyle, Joshua, and Josh...don't ask.
These boys get together and there's no tellin' what will happen.

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