Monday, July 27, 2009

Baseball, baseball, and volleyball

Kids, kids, kids...yep, that's what dominates my camera time now. I had an individual tell me, "take lots of pictures of those kids because someday they may be taken away from you and that's all you have of them." She has lost two kids to two different accidents; the only two kids she had. Not that that situation will ever happen to me but you never know.
So, yes, lots of pictures.
Micah's junior volleyball session has started and I am loving it. Many camps throughout the summer and I get to attend some. Micah jumps to deflect the ball in this picture...not that you couldn't already tell that.
Micah is pictured with Mackenzie of the two of her setters.
Wham!!! back atcha here. She loves to block hits.
This picture is of Micah's two coaches from two different teams she plays on. The one in the blue is her high school coach and the one in the pink is her JO coach. We played against her JO coaches high school team and beat them, but not by much.
Micah is warming up in this picture with Krissy.
This year already promises to be a great year. Looking forward to it.

These are pictures of a previous tournament Fred played in at Truman.
He had an awesome batting average after this tournament.
Waiting on the ball...
hitting the ball...
making it to second base on that hit. You would have to see how fast Andrew runs to understand why this picture was taken. He is a slow runner...gets that from his mom... so the fact that he made it to second should tell you have far and hard he hit it...
dad turning around to me and asking, "did you see that?!". Yes he has hit home runs before but this ball was a very hard hit grounder. Stunned the players. It was awesome and the talk of the day. So I had to blog it.
When he is not playing first, shortstop, third, pitching or catcher, he plays left field. Man of many positions. Isn't that called a utility player?

Now, on to Joshua playing against West Memphis.
In this photo, Joshua has just came off the mound. While pitching he was stung on the rear end by a wasp. He was moved to left field right after that. Sad thing is, he was doing great on the mound but became very distracted after being stung.
He had a great day at bat going 4 for 8 in two games.
Kyle, my other kid, Joshua's best friend, batting.
Kyle with the Legion coach, Coach Smith, and Chris Miller.
Down time while the other team switches pitchers...Joshua with coach Sneed.

The season is almost to an end. It will be missed.

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