Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Graduation gift, Ballgames, cookout, fun...

I wanted to share this graduation gift with you that my brother Bryan and Christine got for Joshua...how perfect is this. Unfortunately we have changed girlfriends so there is some editing to be done. Nevertheless, I love the gift.
Andrew played in a tournament this past weekend in Truman, here in this picture he is playing left field...one of many positions he would play that weekend.
He smashed this ball to the fence...
and to second base he went.
That weekend we also enjoyed a relaxing get together with Joshua's 7UP baseball team.
Michael and Joshua on the phone...
Here is Paul...he's our cook.
The boys enjoying their meal and watched the ballgame that was played before us.
Joshua chased down a home run ball.
The parents enjoying their meal.
Ms. Leah, Big E's momma...great friend and fellow baseball mom.
I should have some more great pictures for you tomorrow. Have a blessed day.

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