Monday, July 27, 2009

Me,Andrew, and dad time

About two weeks ago Andrew asked if we could go to Reynolds Park and hang out. It was just him and his dad and I at the time, the other two kids were out of town. Andrew loves to draw, a hobby that he does very well, and that is also something that I used to spend a lot of time doing in my earlier years when I had nothing better to do. So at his request, he and I drew the lake scape.

This was our inspiration.
Michael doesn't draw, so he walked around taking picturesof nature with his new phone. Takes very clear pictures, huh?
The neat part about sharing this time with Andrew was us going back and forth asking, "how did you draw this?" or " is this too much shading?". Neither of us dominating, but learning from each other. We loved it and vowed to do it again soon.
Michael is very fond of nature pictures; this was his favorite that he took that day. Fred and I will also try to draw this, maybe I will blog those pictures later.
It was nice just setting back and relaxing, something I don't take time to do, and enjoy the beautiful creation that
has been placed before me to enjoy.
Thank you Father for this gift.

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