Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Wow, it's been a while since I have been on the computer to update. Since my last entry a lot has happened...our Atlanta trip, South Carolina trip, minor surgery, and the list goes on. I have not had an opportunity to make cards in a while due to the reconstruction of our basement. Mike is setting it up where I can have my own studio section and wall dividing it from the theater...yeah, I can't wait.

I am downloading a few pictures to share with you of our trips...I hope that you enjoy.

This picture is from the balcony of our room at the Hyatt in Downtown Atlanta. We were on the 22nd story.

While sight seeing we stopped at the Coca-cola world to check out what was happening here. We got our picture made with the founder of Coke...Fred joined him in a toast.

We also visited Centennial Park...although not a lot happening there due to the tornado that touched down the weekend before we got there.

Michael prepares to do Bible study with the kids before going to the game...

Micah wanted her dad to fix her hair today...she loves the attention everyone is giving her.

With an hour wait between games the girls decided to do bonding games to pass the time. Here they are like a puzzle trying to get back to facing each other...

Making a friendship circle, sharing secrets that parents were not allowed to hear...

making a heart shape to show their love for mom and dads...
Yeah, the game finally started...I love this view for taking pictures. Micah is pushing the ball over the net.

Fred was the Easter bunny that shagged balls for the girls...cute in pink bunny ears.
The girls are celebrating Easter with each other...showering each girl with gifts to represent the ultimate gift given for all...Jesus. Oh, did I mention that it was also Micah's 15th birthday, she got double the gifts

Micah and I made these accordion scrapbook for each of the girls...they were a hit.

Micah celebrated playing a super terrific game by jumping on me. Now we leave Atlanta and join Joshua in South Carolina.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for some good food and entertainment.

I will have more pictures on the next blog about South Carolina.

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