Wednesday, April 16, 2008

South Carolina-Myrtle Beach Spring Training

South Carolina was so much better than Florida for our family. We enjoyed Florida last year, but at Myrtle Beach there were less people on the beach, the Ripken field was beautiful and too, not very crowded.

This is the Myrtle Wood Villas that we stayed in. We were on the second floor and our unit was big. Two king size beds and a pull out sofa. Fully stocked kitchen, bathroom and utility room, and two full baths. It was great and only $95.00 a day.

Joshua and his team mates watching a pitcher from the other team warm up. They overall did very well, played 5 games with opponents being from the north of us, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, and won 4 out of the 5.

Joshua is stealing second base and was successful. I remember a time when I cringed when the coach would make him steal...very slow runner.

Coach's final words after the game.

Now...beach pictures. The waves were high on most days. Surfers were out and that was fun to watch. I wish I would have got some pictures of them.

On Wednesday, Joshua was able to go to the beach with us. It was 70 degrees but very very windy and with it coming off the ocean it felt like 60 degrees, thus not many on the beach!

Family portrait...

We asked each child to take a few minutes and thank our Creator for the beauty that our eyes were blessed to see...

Who's that walking toward us? OMG, John and Lisa...
We were also blessed to have some special friends join us on this vacation. John and Lisa strolling the beach.

Joshua talked to Chasity, while I played in the sand and Michael, Lisa, and John watched Andrew play in the water...Micah took the picture.

After fun on the beach, Mike and I took Micah and Andrew to the Under water aquarium. It was really cool to see the fish from under neath them.

Mike head to head with great white.

Micah and Andrew were fascinated with the star fish in the above and below picture.

There are so many good pictures of the aquarium, I guess I will stop here and get the rest developed. ...

...and yes, they played around as well. Thanks for letting me share our vacation with you.

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