Sunday, April 20, 2008

Small Get Together...

Last night was a blast!!!! I had a few ladies over to make cards with me...enjoy the pictures.

Lisa is cutting out Sassy Susy's clothes out of printed designer paper...little pants are tough to cut out, huh Lisa?

Lisa and Vicky showing off their waterfall baby cards...those were no easy task...I have made four now and still messed up. The snacks were pretty good too, brownies and mints for the sweet tooth and mixed nuts for the salty. Something I learned about these ladies is that Vicky is a day person, preferring to get her good nights rest and Lisa doesn't like the skin around the peanuts...she peels them first.

The Sassy Susie stamps set was a hit...I see many more workshops in the future with her. Hope you get to come.

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