Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, season over

The Tarry family has traveled a lot this year, more than I ever dreamed we could or would. We have been to Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina to name a few...all in less than four months...and now it has come to an end, at least with Volleyball. Micah ended her season with a record of 83-23...not to bad if you ask me. Her team placed second in the tournament she played at this weekend in Tennessee.

Card time...I like this card a's one of my favorites,

Yes, again it is the Sassy Suzie Stamp set, with Taken with Teal cs as the base card and East Coast Prep Designer paper for the top of the card and Suzie's clothes. Outside of having to cut Suzie out, this is as simple as they come!

Now we focus on baseball,

Fred hangs out with a couple of buddies from his USSSA baseball team and classmates at Greene County Tech 5th grade...You can not see it but both boys in black are on their tip toes b/c Fred is so much taller than them...

Micah trying to butter up the umpires for Fred's game;

Wham, there goes the ball sailing out to center field all the way to the fence...I love taking these shots from the score booth...Ginger, you may want to try that...the quality of these pictures are a lot better than before...This year he plays first base and catcher for the league USSSA, he played catcher, first, and left field..just where ever, he just wants to play the game...

Memee and Micah posing before she takes off to care for the "Duke"...; where's my water memee? She is always buying the kids something but she forgets about me :( ...

The man of many talents...goes from no job for 4 months to three jobs at once...umpiring is the one that I like the least...I can't stand to hear the crowd say ugly things when they disagree with his calls. His boss man says he does pretty good, so I guess I had better get used to it, huh?

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John and Melissa Simmons said...

Hello Tarry family. Just wanted to say i really like you blogspot. Always enjoy reading everything. I am not much on the crafty artsy side of things , but still read them in the off chance my wife ask a question i have no clue about one of these days:) Anyhow,cant beleive how much everyones kids have grown either. Can you beleive Destiny will be 3 in may? Doesnt even seem possible. Anyhow Just wanted to ask if i could add your blog to my list of blogs on my page that people can go and visitwhen they see my page. I also want a positive place my kids will see when they view my [page from school or whatever. Ginger is already on it but i dont know much about bloggin and My list of recommended blogs is rather short. But I wanted to ask you guys before i added ya just the same.Well i hope all are doing well on your end Hopefully maybe the next time we get to come down we will have more time to get reaquainted and share some stories . i have some things i want to talk with Mike about on a Christian /guy basis. And would like to get to know hime better than I was able to originally. Alot of folks here are old enough to be my parents, and the few that I somewhat have befriended that are my age are mostly folks that aspire to a different faith than me or my family. Guess I am just loking to stick with folks who share a common goal and strive down the path that leads to Salvation. and no worries for you guys, i am a low maintenance guy nowadays.... so much better off and blessed than i was years ago. Bottom line it would mean alot if everyone can stay in touch. One good thing about heaven, God willing, we will all be in the same place and not seperated by geography or circumstance. God Bless you and Mike and the family. Please let us know.