Friday, June 13, 2008

A card...yippee!!!!!!

My husband has been out of town for a few days and I thought I would do nothing but stamp. What was I thinking? I have three children going in three different directions...Legion baseball, All-Star baseball, and Volleyball Play days at different schools. I don't realize what all he does until he is not here. My husband is not one that comes home from work and sits down in his recliner and enjoys a glass of tea. No, when he walks in he usually starts a load of laundry and determine which child he will be accompanying that night and gets them where they need to be. If suppers ready, fine, if not, he stops and gets them something. I am a very lucky woman. I have to make time for my Bible studies because nothing is taking my time from my Heavenly Father, and make time to do house work. Yes, I do have my kids do their part but sometimes that is like pulling moms know what I am talking about. The beast in me comes out and I have to threaten with taking away their social lives if the work doesn't get done. It's amazing what I can get accomplished when the beast shows up. So after a late ball practice this is what I worked on. I hope you enjoy.
This is the "By Ones and By Twos" stamp set that will no longer be available after this month. Rarely do you find a stamp set that has quotes about twins. I know this is kinda plain but sometimes plain is good.

I had a blast with this card trying to use as many as my new punches that I could. I used the Spiral punch, 1/2" Circle punch, Small Tag punch, Horizontal Slot punch, 3/4" Square punch, and inside the Ticket Corner punch. I was pretty impressed I could use that many.

Now these pictures need lots of explaining. My daughter plays on a volleyball team with crazy girls that love to use their wild imaginations. Here are two juniors that came by to perform for her and I had to take pics.

Here we have the owner of this pretend dog holding a dog leash. It is sported by a red rhinestone collar and matching sun glasses for the doggy. The doggy is wearing white gloves because she is a rich and proper doggy.

Wait a minute...did I call that dog a "SHE"? I must have been mistaken. It's a "HE", or so that is how it appears in this picture. Yes this is a average day for us for someone to show up on our door step doing crazy things like this. To top it off, the owner and her doggy went into public like this with the dog barking and trying to lick not really, just acting like she or he was...whatever.

This is how IT walked around, oh, and IT even hung it's head out the window and barked through our sub division. I can only imagine what my daughter will be like in the future with this influences around her. Please pray for me and her.

On a side note...if my daughter had to be like any of the girls, these are two fine ones to hang out with. They are just a little warped.

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