Monday, June 23, 2008

The picture speakes for itself!!!

This is why I want all carpet out of my house NOW!!!!!!!! This is only the office area...otherwise known as the dinning room in most homes; also used as the walk through to the kitchen area. Now in my defence, this carpet has been down now for 15 years and I have raise three children and two dogs on it. No wonder I have to dust a thousand times a day if I want my house to look dust bye bye carpet...

This is the pile of dirt and sand all sweep to one location...yuck!!!!! My baby wants to get a microscope and see what all is in this pile...that just simple grosses me out...what I don't know will not hurt me. OMG...Fred just said," you are putting that on the Internet...that's just don't blog stuff like that !!!" I guess this shows my transparency...I want you to make a educated decision when you are deciding to put down carpet or hard surfacing in your house.

Now I would like to share with you some photos of a Bible Study group that I am a part of. We are doing the Lisa Whelchel scrap-booking Bible study of "My Story". We are scrapping our legacy. This is Mary and she is telling the story of her youngest son to give to her beautiful, long a waited granddaughter.

Joann is journaling about her family and writing scripture in her journaling. These ladies are some of my favorite people to hang out with because of their love for the Lord and love for others.

Now I am off to a workshop with a friend of mine. I will try to get pictures for you later...until then... see ya.

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