Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How exciting it is when you have a new person come along side of you and gets excited about the same thing that creates joy in your life...Vickie...come on down...you are the next one to be spot lighted on my blog. I am going to share a couple of cards with you that Vickie has made. She is new to the craft of card making, so her excitement is igniting a new excitement in me to get going and make some cards.

Aren't these good? Let her know if you get a chance. I am only showing you a couple...I have down loaded several to share at a later day also.

Here are a few that I made yesterday at a workshop...

I am very grateful to have the privilege of getting to make these cards for people. It is a love that the Lord has carved very deep into my soul to encourage others through words of encouragement.

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