Monday, June 2, 2008

Marker Club/Promotion

Today was a pretty exciting day for me as a demonstrator...I know that to everyone else it may not be a big deal, but today I recieved my certificate of promotion to Supervisor and recieved my next level pin, which, as you can see, Michael was glad to pen on me.

Then the girls from the Marker Club started filing in. Short and sweet, one project and lots of discussion on what products we would like next. Placed our orders and YEAH, Ginger had enough for a $200.00 workshop in which she recieved (1) Level one stamp set and $20.00 worth of free merchandise. Great job Ginger, and the orders are still coming in.

Caught Ginger off guard. Isn't she cute? Now she is a serious scrapper and you do not want to get in her way when she starts. She's on a mission and will not let up until done to perfection.

Lisa was the first to finish her anniversary card/invitation card...I guess this card will be for John...but don't tell him!!! It's a suprise.

...and here, Amy and Joann are working hard to line each peice up perfect.
Now don't look to hard at mine b/c I used peieces for this example so that I would not have to cut up more paper. I used the Mark the Date stamp set on page 125 of Spring and Summer Idea Book, Brilliant Blue, Real Red, and Whisper White card stock on page 164, and Round Tab punch on page 181. Just layer the colors and leave one side open for your insert and there you have it. Birthday, Special Occation, Wedding invitation...use your imagination. Oh, we did that too tonight...used our imagination, that is. We discoved that you could use this stamp set for games too...Connect Four, Bingo and Checkers. Can you think of any other? If so let me know. I will try it out.

I really enjoyed tonight and am looking forward to the next meeting. Please let me know your ideas for this stamp set.

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