Monday, August 18, 2008

More pics

Well today was fast and furious for all of us. I pick up my niece and nephew in the mornings and they were bright eyed and ready to go.

I thought that I got out of teaching this week, not, I work all week, 6th grade. The upside to that is that I get to see Fred and Amber often and keep an eye on them.Now the kids are going to blog about their day.

Hola =D this is is making me blog about my day(blah=D). Today was exciting for me I have a class with my brother..that's gonna take some time getting used to. I have tons of home work and essays to write on my first day of school( good first impression teachers). Most of my teachers already know me through my big brother Josh or my mommy( they all love me). This year is gonna be hard...I have to be at the school at 7:20 for volleyball every morning( double the blah on that one). Today was very emotional for me. I'm sure you have all heard of Whitney Whelchel (a.k.a Tech's miracle girl), today was her first day back and we had a Assembly for her this morning and the Make A Wish Foundation was there. Whitney's wish was to have her bedroom at home TOTALLY redone to suit all her medical needs....the High School presented her with a bouquet of roses and a HUGE tiara. She was absolutely adorable I wish i had taken at pic but i didn't want to get sent the the principal on the first day(lol). Well that's about my day I have to go work on my homework! Had fun talkin to ya! =D Micah =D

well this is josh...and my mom is making me blog and tell yall about my day...well it was good for the most part except we have over like 700 people in the high school... it sucks and it don't help any that my lil sister is up there with me...and i have a stupid computer class with her but shes gonna give me ALL her homework so i don't have to do it! But other than that my day was pretty good and i get out at 1 because i have early release!

Josh #8

hey ppl-its first day was cool i guess

------i got to see all my friends------i got to get away from my mother who makes me clean all day (HALLELUJAH)-----and the most fun of all.......i got to get on my teachers last nerves!!!!------that definitely made my weeek!!! but as i said..."my first day was cool i guess"


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