Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes, I am still here

Good morning, all. I am still kickin', just had a lot to do this weekend, none of which had to do with Stampin' UP!, darn. OK, here goes. My mom and Aunt Linda came home from their little trip to the spa that lasted a week longer than I had prepared myself for. I know now that I do not want to move away from my momma. I had a hard couple of weeks with my kiddo's and I needed some wisdom or maybe I should say a shoulder to cry on.

But she's back now and look at these girls...

They said that they could move in ways that they had not moved in years. Climb hills without having to stop and take a breather, water aerobics, you name it, they tried it. Maybe didn't finish it, but tried it. Momma lost all together this morning 20lbs. You go momma.

This is my uncle Danny, married to my aunt Linda. They picked him up at the airport in Memphis and he came to Arkansas with them. They were only here for a short time. They went to the Lake to relax at my brothers house. It is always great to have them here. They are a huge part of my past and present life.

This is Lisa A.. We celebrated her birthday last night in our small group class that we have at our house each Sunday night. It's like Sunday School in most traditional churches but only in a home.Sorry, the picture is kinda blurry. Mike was asking us if he looked better with a earring or without. He has a paper clip attached to his ear. No he does not wear earrings. We were discussing tattoos and some how earrings on men came up, go figure.

Now I get to share some of my heritage with you. As a child, for the most part my parents were not very involved in church, but they always made a way for my brother and I to attend if we wanted to. I was very blessed to have spent most of my weekends as a child growing up with this family. I would go to their house and stay with them Friday night through Sunday night. These people are as much a part of my life as my blood family and I love them more than words can explain.

This is MOM. I have called her mom all my life. Her name is Eleanor Foresythe, but she is mom to me and my family. We celebrated her 80th birthday Saturday. I remember the lemonade that she use to make for me every weekend and the Mexican chicken. I love her so much. She was Jesus with skin on to me.

Here is a picture of me and my little brother with mom way back when. I was four.

The lady setting down in the blue and white is Brenda, moms daughter. I know her as Beba. We work together at the school now and I still call her Beba. I stayed the night with her even up to when she married Donnie, and right before I got married. She taught me how to sing, was my Sunday School teacher, GA leader and mentored me into the christian that I am today. She has invested her whole life in me and I am forever grateful.

The one in the dark blue shirt is mom's other daughter, Sam. I call her Cis. She too has invested a great deal into my life and is one of my moms very best friends. They live beside each other and still are very close. She also is the one that I trust to take care of my little Abby. She owns Bows and Toes, a animal grooming salon.

I am very thankful today to have the opportunity to share these pictures and memories with you. I am looking forward to seeing Jesus lay crowns at these sweet peoples feet for the time that they invested in me and my family.

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Ginger said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Lisa A.!

I pray I was not your example in class last!