Saturday, August 16, 2008

Man I am wore out with all of this office work. I alone registered what seemed like 50 plus kids this week in just the Elementary School. When I left Friday there were 948 students in 3rd through 5th grade in that one building, and 50 staff and teachers. Wow, that's a lot of people. I am not going to be working the first two weeks of school now just the first day. Which was great with me. I have a feeling that I will work as much as I will this year, due to teachers going to other schools because the pay for subs are $20.00 higher.
Don't blame them at all, if I could, I would.
I am proud to see tomorrow come, yet very very sad too. My oldest will be heading off to his Senior year. Where in the world did those days go? Here today and gone tomorrow. I am very glad that I will be working tomorrow so that I don't have to set around and think about it all day. I would be miserable. He has a new job at a restaurant being a host and seating those who come in and he is still working for S&S when they need him, so he's off to a good start to adulthood. I just have to let him go. And don't say a word about it to me unless you have walked in my shoes because I have heard enough of the "cutting the umbilical cord". Sorry, had to get that one off my chest. It is harder than it may seem. I know that God has a plan for all of my babies and I have to let Him be their God and not me. Do you know how hard that is? Man it is hard.
Enough of that stuff, now on the scrap booking.
Back 2 School scrap book workshop, Thursday, 21st and 22nd@ 6:30. My house, light snacks will be provided. The cost of the work shop is $5 and that also includes the use of my Cricut and also any of my stamp sets. Please RSVP. Two dates are available to accommodate you. Plus bring a friends and you will only pay $4 for the workshop. This is the page that we will be making. I will provide all card stock and the embellishments shown. You may bring extra embellishments for your project. The blue blank card stock if for more pics or embellishments, which ever you please.
Other dates to remember:
September 2, 6:30, Marker Club, Lisa Abanathy will be the hostess. Lisa, feel free to invite whom ever you want. The cost of the workshop is $1.00 for those who come and are not members of the club.

September 8th, 6:30 @ my house, 3 card workshop, $5 work shop fee. All new stamps sets will be demonstrated.

September 19th, 6:30, @ my house a scrap book workshop. Picture of page will be sent later to date of workshop.
Also be looking out for the new Scrap booking club coming in September. I will try to get more details out for that Tuesday.

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