Friday, May 1, 2009

Youth Leadership Paragould Graduation

First things first...Micah having fun in school? Is that allowed? I am assuming this is Science Lab since safety glasses are being worn. I stole Micah's camera this morning to get some pictures of her graduation last night and found these. She gave me permission to submit them to the blog.

Jesse, Torrie, Kirk, and Micah
Micah is pictured here with one of her very best friends...Torrie...cute girls.
Micah's Youth Leadership graduation ceremony was held last night at the Paragould Community Center. Upon arriving, we were handed a CD of pictures that were taken throughout the time the team has spent together; getting to know one another and all the places that they have traveled together. Strawberry's catered the dinner...those that live in Paragould know what
a treat that was...ummmmm good!

Pictured here with Micah is Savannah Morris, and Silver Dollar. Apparently they were the life of the party throughout this time spent together. That point was mentioned many times last night by their peers. Never a dull moment with those girls is what I heard last night.
Here is a picture of the entire team before the ceremony started. The power ball winner in this group...Lilly, the young lady standing in the back row. She was the winner because she was voted unanimously by this group of peers as being the one who inspired each individual the most by leaving her comfort zone and taking on each challenge, no matter the fear she faced. By challenge I mean this group had a lot of activities to do together to develop leadership skills and trust with one another. In a previous blog I showed pictures of Micah participating in a ropes course where she had to climb a power line and swing down a cable from very high in the air. Many of the task that they were required to do was challenging both mentally and physically and Lilly, being very shy, stepped up to the plate and inspired them all.
I remember the first time Micah came home from meeting her, (Lilly) and told us about the day together, there were tears in Micah's eyes. Micah's comment to me and her dad was, " I will never be the same after today due to Lilly. The Lord used her to change my life and I am very grateful to have been chosen to be a part of this leadership team." Apparently she wasn't the only one that felt that way. Way to go Lilly!!!

The guest speaker for the night was a long time friend and our next door neighbor, Mayor Mike Gaskill. He challenged the group to be positive leaders in the community or wherever
they have the opportunity to do so.
He is short standing beside Micah, who is six foot, so he stood in a chair to be taller than her. Also pictured is his beautiful wife, Tammy. They are precious friends and have seen Micah grow up over the years. They have been our neighbors since the day Micah was brought home from the hospital sixteen years ago. Micah wanted her picture with them because she said they were very special to her and she was glad that Mr. Mike, as she calls him, was a part of the ceremony. We are very luck to have neighbors that invest time in our children and treat them as if they are their own.

Ok, now we see the true height of the mayor. Short guy huh? but a good and godly man.

Here is the fourth graduating class of Paragould Youth Leadership.

Micah will tell you, just as she did to everyone last night, that because of this opportunity she will never be the same. She will be a better person because of being part of this team. She has made friends for life and I believe the last thing she yelled out last night upon leaving was..."party at Savannah's house, soon!" They vowed last night as a group not to let this friendship dissolve but to stay in touch and meet regularly.

Thank you leaders of Paragould for assembling this organization and for investing in the future.

Now, off to Hot Springs, State Tournament. Could be the last high school game of Joshua's life...hopefully not but you never know. My prayer is that we enjoy every second of it regardless of the out come. We are very proud of you Joshua!

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