Monday, May 4, 2009

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Senior Night at Bland

Remember my camera going dead at Senior night, the last home game of the Senior season...well thankfully Alicia was able to get this photo with her camera. It was a proud moment for all parents that night. Although it was hard, emotionally, it was a night that we had been anticipating for a very long time and it was great to stand beside this group of parents and boys knowing that we share a common bond for life and that we will always be there for each other.

Kyle, number 13, while his name is being called out for the line-up, along with
Tyler, Jon, and Seth.
Joshua is the one with his arms crossed in green under armour, along with Seth, Josh, Luke, Derrick, Tyler W., and Nick.
Standing to greet the other teams line up.
This is a ritual at the plate that I don't think I have ever blogged before...hitting the dirt off the shoes with the bat...I guess for better traction.
After losing our game, the team huddled for a team prayer.
Orland, probably the oldest and wisest man in baseball, talked to Joshua about his future. Orland told Michael and I as we walked with him out that Joshua has not arrived yet to his greatest potential because he still has a lot of baseball time in him. He told Joshua to keep up what he was doing for training because he sees Joshua still maturing in body and mind and that he will do great if he stays out of trouble and keeps focused. Then Orland gave us the greatest compliment that could be given to Joshua. He said, " Joshua was a very good kid and a pleasure to coach. He is one of the few coachable kids around. I may be old but I know baseball and Joshua will do good if he keeps the attitude and desire to play like he has now. Any college that gets him will be getting a keeper." A dad that has put many years in giving so that his son could fulfill a dream needed to hear that. We will forever be grateful for Orland and the time that he spent mentoring Joshua with his pitching skills.
After the game it was very quite...too quite. Then the boys came out on the field and started hugging one another. Yes, I cried along with all of the other parents. I am crying now just typing this blog. These boys, for the most part, have played for 10years together. Friday night was the last.
You want to talk about priceless!!! All the parents lined up to hug on the boys but when Joshua got to his dad he fell into his arms and sobbed. He thanked his dad and told him he loved him and dad of course did the same. When I look at this picture I imagine what the Father will do and say when we arrive to see Him, "Well done."
I will miss high school baseball and all the guys and their parents that he has played with for all these years but I am looking forward to this new era in his life. Baseball or no baseball, we are very proud to have parented Joshua
and in all of our mistakes we must have done a few things right.
He is a good kid that is ripe for the Lord to use wherever he may send him.
Now for Senior night at Southside Church.
This picture is of all the seniors from high school graduating with
Josh Jordan their Youth Pastor.
Josh presented Joshua with a Bible from the church and a Dr. Seuss book,
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Josh Jordan had all the students come to the alter and the congregations came up and prayed over them.
Joshua and Josh Everett, fellow Brothers in Christ, team mates and pitchers.
Josh, Josh, and Josh...funny huh?
Our family...
Joshua and Jessie
London with Joshua
Mike and London's daddy, Shannon.

Well I have to go wipe my tears now. Graduation is on the 15th...then it's over. I wonder if my parents were as emotional as I am now when I graduated...not...they were probably ready to get me out of the house.


Alicia Chambers said...

Beautiful blog...I cry for you I'm not sure I will be able to make it through graduation..and I'm not even a parent!

Carol said...

Hey sis, that was great and yes I cried reading it and seeing the picture of Josh and Michael. It will be a very emotional night,but I know that you all will get through it. I just wish that we could be there for this wonderful occassion. Tell Josh that I love him and good luck with what ever he decides to do with his life, I know he will succeed.

Love you all