Monday, May 25, 2009

Scrapbook pages and cards

Finally some peace and quite in the house so I got busy. I have never cut so many pieces of paper in my life!!! Joann and I are getting ready for a Christmas in July workshop, July 25th. We have placed deadlines on ourselves and I am trying to get done what I can now instead of waiting to the last minute. More information on the Christmas in July is to come so please keep an eye out for it.

I am participating in a SWAP of cards in a couple of weeks. I am to use my favorite stamp set and make multiple cards using that set. I have already shown you a picture of the card in a previous blog but here are all eight of them finished. They are used as dinner invitations using the Voila stamp set and with the important information typed inside.
Lovely as a Tree is my favorite stamp set but I didn't get it until I had already started these. Voila stamp set is my second fav.
I also had time to work on my workshop coming up on July 28th. We are using the "Hoppy Memories" Simply Scrappin' Kit to make eight or more scrapbook pages. I have already shown you some in previous blogs with our pictures, here are some with no pictures.

Hoppy Memories is a great kit for outdoor pictures. I have had lots of fun with this kit and am looking forward to the workshop.

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