Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I pray that each mom reading this blog today has had a blessed day with their family. At church this morning there was a skit about Mom's and all that they do, I can honestly say that it totally described my mom...single...didn't miss a game...encourager...still has all my plaques and trophies...she kept us going and although she may not have sought the Lord in those days she still was an incredible role model and one that keeps me at all my kids games. I love you mom!!!

Last night was "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" Amy, Ginger, and myself, out on the town in Jonesboro, ate great food, dodged tornados, and shopped till the mall closed, oh, then there was Andy Frozen custard...I hope you enjoy the pictures of three friends sharing life together and rekindling a long lost friendship.

We ate at the San Francisco Bread Co.. Great place for friends to chill and talk...fireplace, food, java,a bakery, and affordable. Each of us took our picture with the chef...

Ginger expressed her thanks for a job well done witha peck on the!!!

Nurse Amy showed concern over this bulging belly..."No more bread for you until that belly comes off!" Or was she saying that to me? Oh well, chef was a great sport letting us take our picutres with him and so was everyone else in the resturant.

Then off to the mall for some relaxeation and fun with the toys at Bed Bath and Beyond...Amy gets a message with some assistance from Ginger.

Oh, that feels so good...

"Ok, you two can go on, I will be here when you come back and take your time", says Ginger.

"I don't think so," says Amy, "let me have a few minutes on it too."

Don't ask...we played with the excersise equipment too and all that I can say is that I am glad that I was the one with the camera!

The rest of the night is just between us...but I will say this...The Lord and our husbands would have been very proud of us...all cheap talk.

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