Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to do with left over Chip Board

I thought of the coolest thing today, although, I am sure that I am not the first to think of it, but here goes...the chip board is all the rage right now and Stampin' Up! just happens to have a promo going on. So I thought I would give you another idea how to use it. Ok Scrappers, are you ready...check this out

This is how the scraps of the chip board look when you have taken all the peices out of it...Now I have a frame, well actually, nine frames for prom is how I made the page.Glued the Designer paper of choice onto the chip board. I used East Coast Prep on page 168. Turn it over and make an X in the box using my craft knife and mat.

Cut away the extra paper and trim around the edges so that there is no over hang around the outside...

Turn it over and add pictures. I also added some rub on's on some of the pictures since there was not a lot of room for writing.

Now, there were many mistakes made, so may I please make a few suggestions? On this project use the SNAIL adhesive...the glue was a mess and tore my paper when I turned it over to place pictures in it...the glue got on the table, thus, sticking to the paper. Cut all the way to the corners on the squares or the paper will tear when you fold them back.

Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out...pls email me your page and I will feature it on this blog.

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