Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Truck, baseball, and nerves

Joshua may have pitched his last high school game Friday night in Blytheville. He did a great job and was the winning picture.
Tech played Batesville last night for their last High school regular season game. We lost both games and now are seated 3rd in the State Tourney this weekend in Hot Springs, AR.

Yeah, he got on base.
Fred got to pitch in this tournament, which drives a momma and daddy crazy. I love my new camera, these are good pictures.

Look how much taller Andrew is from some of his team members. This is the Championship picture that will be put in the paper...see our little bat boy, Gage, in the left corner of the picture...isn't he precious?
Well, the wait is over. Joshua got him a new truck. He has drove us crazy to let him buy a new one, so we gave in. Micah has, well, in the process, of buying his Pathfinder from him. We may not have made a lot of smart choices in our parenting saga but making our kids buy their own vehicle was a good one. It can be done...they pay for their own insurance too, with a little help. I am very proud of them for saving to help us out.

I have more pictures to share tomorrow, until then.


Brittney (your neice) said...

Aunt Lisa!!!don't forget about my shirt!!I still want one!so that way I can brag about my awsome cousin!!:)I love you guys so much!!tell everyone I love them and miss them alot!!!

Anonymous said...


Great pictures of the boys in that tournament! Love, Love, Love them. Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend!
Donna Gahr