Monday, April 6, 2009

Family party for Micah

After a great time in the Word this morning...I started filling out Joshua's graduation announcements. You talk about depressing. I think I am ready for him to get out on his own, then I start reminiscing about his younger years. Man, time goes fast. Words of wisdom...don't sweat the small stuff...enjoy them and who they have become, yes, even if it isn't the dream you planned for your child. God has shown me that my way is not His way and they have to be who they think they are not what I think they should be. Placing them in His hands is one of the hardest things for me to do, as if I could do a better with them...He loves them so much more than I could ever. It's a process for me, not one that I have arrived at just yet either. I am very grateful that He doesn't give up on me and is very patient.
Last night we had our little girls Sweet Sixteen family and friends party. We still have one more to go...her girl/guy scavenger hunt party. Yeah, can't wait...not! We shared a lot of laughter and fun tonight as you will see in some of the pictures. Hope you enjoy...
Micah and her papa posing together...Micah opening her iTune gift cards from her brothers. We gave her one of mommas blue Sapphire and diamond ring after everyone left...that was pretty emotional. She is very proud to have it.
Micah always draw the kids to her...I am sure the camera helped a little too. Look at these two hams.
Gabe and London helped Micah blow out her candles.
Michael just made it to the party...late...Fred had a game that we were not aware was on the schedule so Mike took him and they froze...42 degrees and playing baseball don't go together.

See, my point exactly...TOO much fun at this picture. These guys like attention and they had it.
Tam, Mal, Hannah, and Micah having a pretty serious conversation...I wonder if it is about boys. I will have to get with Tammy on that.

Aunt Shelly saying good bye to us all...
Fred and Aunt Shelly having a little fun with each other before she left. He didn't want in any pictures so she is holding him back to get one. I told him I had to have one of him so that we would know that he was at the party...she may question it one day.

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