Thursday, April 23, 2009


"SURPRISE" ...That is exactly what I got when I stuck my hand in my pocket Tuesday night. In a previous blog I shared that I lost a SD card with some valuable pictures on it...well I found it...YEA!!! in my pocket, some place I remember putting it so that I would not lose it. Now I can laugh. So that means I have pictures from way back to share with you...hope you don't mind.
First things first. Tuesday was the last home game for Joshua, he is a senior this year. It was parent night where the parents walk out on the field with their child and give them a gift from you and the baseball program. Everyone is standing at the fence...Alicia graciously volunteers to take our picture and guess what...the camera went BYE BYE. No picture! It is an older camera but it has been a good one. The only problem with it now is that it only stays charged...with new batteries...fifteen minutes. I haven't changed settings, so I don't know what is wrong but it has been heading this way for some time now. So, due to graduation being less than a month away and lots and lots more games to play, and after five years of great pictures, I put the Kodak aside and bought a new camera..
Don't know much about high tech for me. I had to have Misty come over yesterday just to show me how to take a picture and then how to view it. Today I plan on playing with it to insure that graduation pictures are good.
So now, on with the SD card I baby girl playing her sport and doing it well. She has never really been given the opportunity to serve and this past year in JO (Junior Olympics), she found out that she could do it pretty good.
Her team after winning the GOLD.
Andrew's first tournament played with his new team the Arkansas Bucks...
Pictures I thought I would never be able to share...Fred's 12th birthday pictured with Amber, his best friend and cousin, and his big sis, Micah.
These baseball pictures were taken at South Carolina, at the Cal Ripkin facilities...
Joshua and Kyle.

I have many more beach, birthday, and Abby pictures to share but don't want to overwhelm you right now, so I will wait till later. Have a blessed day....Lisa

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Alicia Chambers said...

Sorry I broke your camera! :( Love the new one though!