Thursday, April 9, 2009

More vacation pictures

I know, I know...more pictures of the aquarium.
Fred posing with the mouth of a shark...
Hummmmm, wonder what he is thinking about.

Josh and Jess in the mouth of a sea serpent...
My kiddos...
You had to be here to appreciate this picture. In the clam tank was a blow up fish. I don't think that is the technical term for the creature, but any way, Madison was trying real hard to get this fish to blow up. She and Kyle were banging on the tank, waving their hands and it appeared that the fish would just stare at them, wondering what they were. No, it never blew up...darn.
Doesn't Mike look great! He is a whole person smaller than he was this time last year. He has now lost over 100 lbs., and the pounds are still dropping.
Pictures inside the clams mouth...

Fred looks like he's hurting or something...
Kyle and MadisonJessie is attempting to kiss the fish...wonder if it made Joshua jealous. How cute.
Michael took this picture holding the camera out with his arms...I thought it turned out pretty cool...good job baby.
Here are my pride and joys again.
Ahhhh, God's creation is so fascinating, especially the parts that we don't see everyday.
I don't have a clue what this was stuck to the glass huh?
If you are ever given the opportunity to go to a
Ripley's Aquarium, try it out. We really enjoyed it.
Now I am off to get ready for a garage sale tomorrow...I am selling my mom's stuff. It is a bitter sweet time. Bitter to see it go and sweet to get rid of it. I have never seen so much stuff in all my life. Well you can imaging...64 years of stuff collected.
Until the next post.

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