Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Live and Learn

As many of you know, we found out a couple of months ago that we had some termite damage in our home. FYI: if you see pin holes in your wood or sheet rock, dark spots, or areas that look like a tunnel, call your termite company. This is what our damage looks like now:
If there is a way for you to zoom in on the above picture, you can see two dark spots at the very top of the picture. That is what it looks like at the beginning stage. The picture below is of our ceiling. See the tunnel like marking on the ceiling. That is what the tunnels I refered to earlier look like.
I am very excited that the termite company is going to take care of it completely and and rid us of these little pets we didn't know that we had.
I show you these pictures because I don't want you to go through what we are about to embark on...a total mess of my home, not that I needed any extra help. So long, I am headed back to bed, still sick...will it ever go away?

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