Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday boy and Abby

Oh, he'll never be 10 again, the 11's are tumblin' on in...Momma's little boy is growing up in the world, oh, he'll never be 10 again. Can you believe it. It seems only yesterday I was rocking my baby and now he's almost as big as I am. Cake and ice cream at 6:30 if your available.

Yes, I know, she already looks 16...she has been elected as FCCLA President and will be representing Tech Jr. High today in Jonesboro. You go girl.

I have a picture of Joshua's teeth but he says I am a little weird if I put them on display right now. So I am still thinking about how weird I care to be around him...gotta keep those lines of communication open, right?

I will have a card later today...don't have time to put it on right now.

Well off to Bible Study I go...have a great day.

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