Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Springfield Champs, Yeah!!!!!!!!

Micah and her buddy, Emily

Well I finally got Micah's permission on which pictures I could show...I only took 108. We had a lot of fun in Springfield despite the very wintry conditions we had to drive around in. Micah was able to spend a lot of time with her buddy, Emily. Emily stayed in the hotel room with us last weekend and she was blessed with seeing how dysfunctional we are.

In this picture Micah is playing the front row and setting the ball for Savannah, whom we call the BEAST. You don't ever want to be on the other side of the net when she is playing front. That ball will be crammed down your throat. She is Micah's role model, she wants to be as aggressive as her...I know you are thinking, "Micah, aggressive?" When it comes to volleyball she is not the same person...really...the Gramling comes out in her.

Who says, "White girls can't jump"? Can you believe this is her off the floor that amazes me. In this picture Jade is blocking the ball from coming over the net.

Yeah, Micah rejects it!!!!! You go girl.

Micah and Jade blocking again...they do this a lot in the game...thus, they play front row.

Allison and Micah enjoy the taste of victory together...showing off the plaque the team was given along with their "Gold Medals"...I am ready for the real gold!!!!!!

Micah and Emily do not play on the same team, but each placed...Emily's team was second in the tourney...You go Em!!!! She's a setter and I might add a very good one too.

The girls and Joe T. acting silly during their photo session for the moms...actually this is a calm picture compared to the others she would not let me show you.

Can't wait to show you the next tourny pictures.

Thanks for letting me show off my little girl.

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