Sunday, February 24, 2008


We are wore completely out...came home to 14 vehicles in our driveway. Our small group from church meets in our home on Sunday nights...17 adults and more kiddos than I could count. While Micah and I took a little nap, Mike made up for any lost time we might have had. We made it from Shreveport, LA to Paragould in 4 1/2 is a 6 hour trip...I did not even ask.
I have a few pics to share with you from the trip... more to come later...I hope you enjoy.

Micah was very comfortable on the trip to Shreveport...long nap in the back seat.This is their opening...pump you up...jump.Eight in the morning is really early to play, especially when Savannah did not get to her hotel room until late the night before...I think it was around 10:30pm when we finally got there, and that's after the afternoon matches. We did not have any problems sleeping on our pillow top beds with many, many pillows.Taylor with a "IN YOUR FACE" shot...better get out of her way!!!I know, I know...I usually show all the good pictures but today we had a little talk about blessing the Lord in the good and bad...this happens to be one of the four balls Micah did not get over the net...but whose counting...she is!

We are very blessed to have the opportunity to play sports...we just have to remember that it is only by the grace of God that we have the abilities we have...He gives and takes away, so enjoy it and praise Him in the good and least your not in a wheelchair, you have both arms, and two feet and leg muscles to jump with...have fun and do your best and give God the glory. I am very proud of you princess, your my hero and thanks for letting God use you to teach your momma few things.

Until next time, God bless and have a great day in the Lord.

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