Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Card organizer class

Grams birthday...this is my dad's wife and the 21st was her big day...Happy Birtday Vic.

It is so exciting when you see others get excited about what they are doing...that describes last night. We made card organizers that I featured in an earlier post. Very simple project, takes 20 minutes to complete.
Jenny, Vickie, Tammy, and Amy were the takers for last nights class...I have two that are coming during the day to complete their project and I will get those pictures out as well. After the card organizers were made we made three cards to fill in the pockets.

This was the favorite for the night. These girls like techniques...the more the we did some embossing and bleaching along with some wator coloring. This stamp set is called "Summer by the Sea". It is in dormant state right now but can still be order. I think it sold it's self last night with the versitility of the stampset.

I will have more to post later today...lots of pictures from volleyball camp that Micah is attending this week.

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