Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was down but now I'm up!!!

What I mean by down this time is that, I forgot to put my card in my camera at the Christmas in July workshop that I went to and I could not figure out how to get them off my camera. So I did the next best Gingers ( ). Thanks Ginger and I love the new web design. You rock girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micah and I enjoying some mommy and daughter time. We love to stamp together. She is very good too.
This is one of my long time buds...Misty,
co-owner of Vegas Tans in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Google the web site and check it out. If you live around here go by and see her and tell her I sent you.
This is the Lynn I know...always having a blast, making everyone she is around to laugh. This is why I get excited when she comes to my workshops...always a hoot.
My best friend and stampin' buddy, Ginger.. As if we didn't already share everything together, now we stamp together.
Look at this...Amy is the one that Lynn is making laugh now. Amy and Ginger work together. Amy is a new lover and addict to stamping.
Yes...this is Joann...our Associate Pastors wife and it is all her fault I love stamping!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a ladies night out stamping party and I became addicted. My life has never been the same.

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